Early planning stages for 'final vision' of North Stainley development

Planning documentsshow five parcels of land owned by the estate could be built on

The blueprints for a mixed-use development including more than 130 homes, new primary school and office space in North Stainley have been submitted.

An environment impact assessment (EIA) and scoping request have been submitted to Harrogate Borough Council on behalf of the North Stainley Estate.

Planning documents show five parcels of land owned by the estate could be built on, while a petrol station and other buildings currently in place could be demolished. A statement in the application, submitted by Rural Solutions, says the plans are the final stage of a 50 year 'vision' for the village.

They wrote:"The proposals represent the final element of the applicant's 50-year vision for the development of North Stainley village, providing the opportunity for a more sustainable community, offering very low-carbon and green energy sources, the enhancement of the heritage of the village, and a harmonious replacement of otherwise incongruous forms of development that have been developed in a piecemeal manner over time"

Land to the west of Cockpit Close would site up to 100 new home, with retail space also being constructed if plans are approved. The primary school, with 90 spaces, is planned at Cobstones and could include indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Up to four homes would also be built

Up to 120 retirement homes would also be built on land to the southern entrance of the village. Communal facilities could be constructed alongside these including a spa, restaurant and library.

A brownfield site, also to the south of the village, could have up to 30 homes built and equestrian facilities. This would include 12 stables and a lunging area.

Office space would be sited to the southwest of North Stainley Hall, with up to 5,000 sp. m of space being constructed.

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