Casting your vote in Harrogate, how it could change and having your say

A consultation on polling stations will be held until September, 18.
A consultation on polling stations will be held until September, 18.

As polling stations and districts are reviewed across Harrogate residents are being asked where they would want to cast their vote.

Following the Local Government Boundary Commission for England's recommendation to reduce Harrogate's number of councillors to 40, and wards to 35, a consultation over polling stations and districts will be held until September, 18.

The changes could see residents having to vote at a new venue, but Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) has said that the final decision at the General Purposes Committee, on October, 5 will be made with views collected through this consultation.

Councillor Richard Cooper, Leader of Harrogate Borough Council said: "As a council we aim to provide excellent public services. One of those services is running elections smoothly and efficiently.

"Next year our ward boundaries will change as we reduce the number of councillors from 54 to 40. With those changes some people may have to vote at a new location. This consultation is important because we need to ensure that we get the right locations.

"We have a good track record in getting this right. Voter participation in elections here - both national and local - tends to be higher than the national average.

"One thing that drives that higher turnout is sensibly located polling stations. There are some proposals to consider and we want to hear what the public think so that we can consider their views."

The changes will see parts of existing wards form new ones, Knaresborough East, Knaresborough King James and Knaresborough Scriven Park will form the new ward of Knaresborough Castle.

Acting Returning Officers for each of the wards have commented on the proposals for the venues that could be used. In the case of the new Claro ward the officer highlighted that residents from Allerton Mauleverer and Hopperton would have to travel to Goldsborough to vote.

See the full list of suggestions and changes here

Any comments can be sent in writing to Harrogate Borough Council, PO Box 787, Harrogate, HG1 9RW or email