Campaign launched opposing 450 homes in Ripon

A poster campaign opposing plans to build 450 homes on the edge of the city has been launched by the Ripon Independents.

Monday, 20th October 2014, 7:00 pm
NARG 1410138AM1 Cllr. Peter Horton. Cllr. Peter Horton with fellow councillors Cllr. Pauline McHardy, Cllr. Charlie Powell and Cllr. Andrew Williams who are organising a campaign against a proposed 450 home development on the south-west edge of Ripon. Picture : Adrian Murray.(1410138AM1)

The party is urging objectors to display the posters, bearing the message ‘No Housing Development Here’, in defiance of the proposal by Gladman Developments.

Coun Peter Horton has launched the campaign and fellow Independent councillors Coun Pauline McHardy, Coun Andrew Williams and Coun Charlie Powell have also lent their support.

As well as the poster campaign, the Independents are to hold a public meeting on Thursday, October 23, at Greystone Community Primary School to give residents a chance to voice their objections to the development.

Coun Horton said the proposed site for development is “completely unsuitable” and the poster campaign and public meeting is a good opportunity to show a united front of opposition to the plans.

He said: “We’re getting people to put these posters up and running a public meeting for anyone who is in opposition. Mainly it will be residents who live west of Harrogate Road and I am expecting big numbers to attend.

“We have only just launched the poster campaign but already people have been passing and telling me they want one to put up as well.

“We’re making the opposition a bit more public. It will be an informal meeting for anyone to come up with any points they want to raise.

“We appreciate the need for additional housing but we have to be a little bit more sensible. We will take it a step further and speak about it at the planning committee but it has not got to that application stage yet.”

Coun McHardy said she was “passionate” about opposing the plans and described the planning application for 450 homes as “putting the cart before the horse”.

She said: “I had constituents approaching me and they asked what are we going to do about it because, the councillors agreed with them, that these plans were completely ridiculous.

“I’m hoping the developer will see just how strongly these people feel about these plans and I think it will present to them an image of a united Ripon.

“I have been round with leaflets and a lot of the residents I have spoken to have said they will be at the meeting. It’s up to the public to come out and let us know their real feelings on it.”

Gladman Developments declined to comment about the proposed development until it has submitted its planning application.