Breaking: MP Andrew Jones speaks to Harrogate Advertiser from inside locked down parliament

MP for Harrogate, Andrew Jones, has spoken to the Harrogate Advertiser from lock down in the Palace of Westminister following breaking news of a suspected terrorist incident.

Wednesday, 22nd March 2017, 3:23 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:56 am
MP Andrew Jones has spoken to the advertiser from lockdown

He said: “I was in the Palace of Westminister, I had just been casting my vote then we got got the news of this security incident, the security procedures have kicked in and we have gone into lock down.

“I cannot tell you exactly where I am but the doors have literally been locked down and we are waiting.

“I have spoken with the director of security, and this is a developing story I should say, but I think the person in the car drove across Westminster Bridge, he climbed onto the roof of his car and was able to get into the palace grounds and it is believed that he has been shot.

“It needs to be clear it is believed there is not more than one person but the security services are proceeding to be safer than sorry.

“We cannot go anywhere and these type of things are unsettling but I have great confidence in the security services.

“We know that these kind of incidents can happen, only last year we had the murder of Jo Cox.

“I know that some of my colleagues who were in or near the palace grounds heard shots and one person saw someone on the ground.

“Follow the security expert’s advice, we need people to listen to them and let them do their jobs.

“All political systems are fragile and the police work hard to keep us safe, thank them and let them get on with their job so that we can go back to doing ours.

“We should recognize that there is a need to work through serious scenarios like this and that is what is happening now, it is a serious incident and democracy is fragile. We have to recognize that people work hard to keep us safe and secure.”