Barcelona-bound in search for a "better future" for Harrogate

Two Harrogate council officers are set to fly to Barcelona to attend one of the world's biggest technology exhibitions.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:14 am

Cabinet member for economic development Graham Swift will be asked to approve plans to send two HBC officers to the 2019 Smart Cities Expo as part of a delegation from the Leeds City Region (LCR).

Running from November 19 to 21, this year's exhibition is set to include 844 global companies and organizations showing their latest projects to more than 21,00 attendees.

According to council's report, the Smart Cities Expo is "a global hub where executives, local authority representatives and academics from around the world meet to explore a better future for our towns and cities".

"It’s Europe’s showcase for major city regions, property developments, investment opportunities and international networking," the report says.

According to the council's report, passes for the event will be provided free.

Flights will be £150 per person, with accommodation and travel costs £400 and £250 each respectively.

If two officers attend the total cost will be £1,600.

This will be paid from the council’s Inward Investment budget, which is fully funded through a grant from the LCR Business Rates Pool.

According to the report, the objectives of the duos' trip include generating investment enquiries and promoting the Harrogate district as a "digital centre".

Lachlan Leeming, Local Democracy Reporter