'Anger' over Harrogate MP's backing for suspending Parliament

The Lib Dems have hit out at Harrogate's MP for backing the suspension of Parliament during the current Brexit turmoil claiming it had "appalled" many of his own consitutents.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 10:43 am
Judith Rogerson, the Lib Dem Prospective arliamentary Candidate for Harrogate & Knaresborough - " I have heard from many of his constituents who are appalled by this decision. I share their anger."

Judith Rogerson, the Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harrogate & Knaresborough, said Andrew Jones's statement that Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue Parliament was a valid step to take had provoked "anger" in the town.

She said: "On Friday local Conservative MP Andrew Jones announced he is backing Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament until mid-October.

"Since then I have heard from many of his constituents who are appalled by this decision

"I share their anger."

Mr Jones, who was a firm supporter of former PM Theresa May's Brexit deal, said proroguing Parliament temporarily this month would help break the "impasse."

Harrogate MP backs Boris Johnson on suspension of ParliamentHe was speaking to the Harrogate Advertiser just two says before Government sources hinted Tory MPs who refused to back Boris Johnson's approach might be deselected.

Mr Jones said: "Prorogation before a Queen’s Speech is routine.

"Parliament will not be sitting, when it would have been, for about six days anyway. "Prorogation causes so few missed days because parliament does not sit during the main party conferences.

"This prorogation has no impact on Brexit as there will be nothing new to debate before October 14.

"Parliament has debated the deal, the only deal the EU says is possible, repeatedly. Parliament has rejected it three times.

"We are at an impasse. Until that impasse is broken there is nothing new to debate."

But the Lib Dem candidate said suspending Parliament would set a "dangerous precedent" and MPs should be putting their constituents first.

She said: "Mr Jones somewhat let the cat out of the bag in his statement which suggested that the real reason for suspending Parliament is to break the impasse on Brexit.

"Whilst it is true that Parliament does not usually sit in September due to the break for Party conferences, MPs had been planning a vote on whether to cancel the conference recess.

"Over the next six weeks the Government will be making decisions that will have a huge effect on the future of our country for generations to come.

"Parliament should be sitting and having its say from now until the end of October.

"Silencing our elected representatives is no way to break any sort of impasse.

"Boris Johnson is setting an incredibly dangerous precedent with these outrageous actions.

She continued: "We live in a Parliamentary democracy. Closing down Parliament is no way for the Prime Minister to deal with those who do not agree with him.

"I have a lot of respect for Conservative MPs who have spoken out against the prorogation of Parliament despite reported threats of deselection.

"They are putting their constituents ahead of their careers. I wish our MP would do the same."