Action group set up for Harrogate

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A NEW group has been established aiming to support the people of Harrogate in difficult economic circumstances.

Harrogate Action aims to give residents the chance to voice their dissatisfaction with the cuts to funding and community facilities being imposed by the Government and local authorities.

The group was formed at a meeting last Wednesday night, attended by people including teachers, students, the elderly, trade unionists and Green Party members.

Spokesman Tony Pedel said: “It was an open forum for people to express their views on how, for example, the MP and the council are dealing with local services, how the council are spending our money and what do we need to do to make sure that the people who spend our money look after society as a whole.”

The group agreed to look at issues including public sector job losses, selling off council assets to save money, safeguarding concessionary fares, protecting public services and questioning businesses which avoid paying tax. Mr Pedel said further meetings would be held and an action plan drawn up for the way the group would operate, with nothing being ruled out including marches, sit-ins and public protests.