Police catch man urinating by cash point

A RESTAURANT worker plied with drink by a customer told a court this week that he could lose his job and his home.

Paul Gary Thomas Gazzard, who lives in a flat above The Park at Hornbeam Park, Harrogate, left the town’s magistrates’ court on Tuesday after telling the bench he was grateful for an early hearing of his case as he faced a disciplinary hearing within an hour.

Gazzard, 44, who pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in Cambridge Crescent, Harrogate, at 4.05pm on August 12 was said by prosecutor Steven Ovenden to have been one of three men to have come to the attention of police officers in the area.

Mr Ovenden said Gazzard had been in the act of urinating in the street close to a bank cash point while two other men tried to pull him away.

A community support officer had told him he could be arrested and when he turned abusive a PC was summoned to affect the arrest.

Court chairman Lindsay Addyman was told Gazzard had a conviction for being drunk and disorderly in Furness in April 2010 and later in the year had been convicted of fraud in Harrogate.

Gazzard, who was not legally represented, said he had drunk far too much on August 12 and now faced disciplinary proceedings at his workplace. To lose his job and the flat which went with it would hit him hard.

Asked by Mrs Addyman why he had drunk so much Gazzard said he had built up a rapport with guests and one of them had bought him drinks before he went into town and carried on drinking.

Advising Gazzard that his future at the restaurant was not the court’s concern, Mrs Addyman said because of previous convictions he would be fined £100 with £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

‘‘Your judgment was at fault because of drink and you must make sure it doesn’t happen again,’’ she said.