Plans redrawn to convert Mile Post to supermarket

CHANGES made to the planned development of a new Sainsbury’s on Leeds Road reflect concerns voiced by North Yorkshire County Council but may not be enough to satisfy fears over the impact that additional traffic will have.

Speaking to the Advertiser a spokesman for Mile Post pub owner Marston, Jeremy Eaton, said: “Following our initial application we have, in full consultation with the planning officer, highways and the design and conservation officers, made a number of amendments.

“In particular, we have improved the access provision and made changes to the architectural design of the extension to the building.

“The scheme is now in accordance with the required standards and will improve the use and appearance of this site for the local residents.”

He said that after the submitting the initial planning application in April, several issues were highlighted by residents of the area including concerns about parking and store deliveries. But he said it was anticipated that, although the car park will be retained, the majority of customers would be on foot.

Richard Yeoman, a senior accountant working at TaxAssist on Mount Street, however, still has concerns over the proposed use of Mount Street as a delivery entrance to the convenience store.

He said: “I fail to see how they are going to handle big articulated lorries coming in here and delivering stuff to the place because, if you’re down here at nine o’ clock in the morning when it’s a school day, there’s cars parked all over the place, it’s a nightmare around here.”

“You get these little streets like this that were built in an era when there wasn’t the traffic and if you get loads of traffic coming to that (supermarket) and big articulated lorries and there’s an incident down there that requires the fire service, they’ll be stuffed, they won’t be able to get down.”

Karen Speight, a self-employed nail and beauty technician who works in That’s Nails 2 on Mount Street agreed she was worried about the prospect of lorries using the road to turn around in and the congestion that might cause to an already busy area.

Mrs Speight said: “What worries me the most is extra traffic that it will cause for the pre-school. My son is at the school at the bottom of the road and obviously there’s lots of small children here.

“This is a bad road for people anyway, so any extra traffic it causes around there and any potential danger for the children can only be a bad thing.”

Discussions are ongoing between Marstons and North Yorkshire’s highways department, which has requested several changes including a new car park access point in Mount Street, to the east of the existing driveway.

A Marston spokeman said: “Sainsbury’s believes that a new Local store will help improve the shopping choice for the local community, whilst offering a convenient option for people to top up their everyday shopping without having to travel to one of their larger superstores.

“This would be a basket-only convenience store aimed squarely at serving the needs of the surrounding community.

“Sainsbury’s have a history of integrating themselves within the communities they serve and existing alongside local businesses.

“Sainsbury’s believe their presence in the area will create additional footfall and lead to an increase in passing trade for neighbouring retailers.”

A Sainsbury’s representative has asked us to point out that the application is being submitted by Marston, which owns the Mile Post, and details of the planning application have not been decided by the supermarket chain.