Plans for explosives storage site in Great Ouseburn unanimously rejected by councillors

Lightmire Lane
Lightmire Lane

Plans for an explosives and ammonium nitrate storage site in Great Ouseburn have been unanimously rejected by Harrogate Borough Council’s planning committee.

More than 140 objections were submitted by villagers against Brexco Ltd’s application to change the use of agricultural land on Lightmire Lane.

A group of residents attended the meeting to raise concerns over the safety of the site, and its suitability for the village. Parish council chairman Keith Scott said: “Lightmire Lane is a quiet lane as far as vehicles are concerned, but it’s well used by the people for amenity use, with over 100 people a day using Lightmire Lane for running, cycling, and horse riding - not just the odd dog walker suggested by the applicant.”

A spokesperson for Great Ouseburn Primary School, said: “Lightmire Lane is a public right of way, in frequent use by dog walkers, walkers, horse riders and cyclists. This is an important local resource used regularly by a wide range of people in the village and beyond for enjoyment, exercise and leisure.

“The infrastructure of the village, and specifically Lightmire Lane, is totally unsuitable for commercial traffic, and the application would attract this both during the construction and ongoing. The applicant rejects alternative sites for their proximity to public footpaths, and yet have not applied the same criteria to Lightmire Lane.

"The environment of Great Ouseburn is a great asset to the community, and would be threatened by the proposal.”

A representative of the applicant said: “Our client has worked hard to ensure the proposal will blend in with the landscape. The site will only be accessed up to four times a week by small vans who will be taking stock from the facility, and once a month an HGV will replenish stock. The impact therefore on the highway network will be negligible.”

Residents also raised concerns about the close proximity of the site to important community assets, including the village hall and primary school.