Planning Harrogate

Boundary fence and wall (maximum height 2.4metres) at 23 Oakdale Glen for Miss A Holland.

Single storey extension replacing existing conservatory at 2 Chapman Square for Mr & Mrs Greg M’Ohony.

Change of use of part of ground floor, first and second floors of bank to form 2 dwellings (site area 0.01ha) at Nat West Bank Plc 91A Skipton Road for Straightlife Ltd.

7 replacement windows at Flat 3 21 Park View for Miss J Priestnall.

Industrial unit (use class B1 & B2) at Killinghall Stone Quarry Ripley for Albert Hymas Ltd.

Conversion of basement to form additional living accommodation including 4 new light wells and new opening to form glazing over stairwell (revised scheme) at 18 Beech Grove for Mr & Mrs D Hetherington.

Approval of details under conditions 3 (contaminated land report) 4 (landscaping scheme)M and 9 (access) in relation to planning permission 6.74.51.D.FUL at Scarah Bank Farm Ripley for Mr A Walmsley.

Listed building consent for 6 dwellings, conversion of farm buildings to form 9 dwellings and conversion of farmhouse and cottage to form 4 dwellings at Spacey Houses Farm Princess Royal Way for CK Batchelor Ltd.

Diversion of 170 meters of Bridleway number 15.54/61/1 at Fulwith Mill Farm Fulwith Mill Lane for Trustees of Audrey - Stanley Burton Charitable Trust, Antela.

Replacement house, two storey extension and detached garage to farmhouse, conversion of barn to form office accommodation (use class B1 0 business), conversion and extension of mill to form dwelling and detached garage and formation of vehicvle access (site area 0.8ha) at Fulwith Mill Farm Fulwith Mill Lane for Trustees of Audrey - Stanley Burton Charitable Trust, Antela.

Two storey extension and pitched roof over existing two storey flat roof extension and installation of flue at 121 Almsford Drive for Mr T O’Connell.

Single storey extension at 1 Almsford Oval for Mr D Coulston.

Application for a non material amendment for installation of window in relation to planning permission 6.79.5174.AK.FUL - erection of 2 storey teaching block at Harrogate Grammar School Arthurs Avenue for Harrogate Grammar School.

Single storey extension at 1 Columbine Terrace Spofforth fir Mr & Mrs Moreton.

Environment Impact Assessment screening opinion for 6MWp solar park at land comprising field at 435852 447412 Paddock House Lane Sicklinghall for Green Switch Solutions Ltd.

Single storey extension, conservatory and porch at Rockwood 1 Grosvenor Gardens Huby for Mr R Meredith.

Deadwooding of 1 rowan within Harrogate Conservation Area at 12 Hornbeam Crescent for Mrs G Dutchie.

Application for approval of details required by condition 3 (noise report) of planning permission 6.79.5403.D.FUL at The Old Coach House rear of Royal Crescent for Mr and Mrs T Bletcher.

Felling of Thuja tree, 1 sycamore, 1 silver birch and 4 beech stem and deadwooding of 1 goat will of area A1 of Tree Preservation Order 19.1990 sand reduction of 1 branch of 1 silver birch T1 of Tree Preservation Order 50/1995 at 12 Hornbeam Crescent for Mrs G Dutchie.

Conversion of roof space to form additional living accommodation, erection of dormer window and sunpipe, installation of 3 roof lights and replacement rooflight and window at 12 Park Avenue for Mr M Cave.

Change of use of vehicle storage building (use class B8 - storage) to MOT Test Centre including the installation of 16 solar panels at Mobile Library Garage Bogs Lane for Mr D Meesam.

Shopfront and access ramp, installation of air condenser units and satellite dish at 138 Skipton Road for Ladbrokes Plc.