Planning applications: What is being built where you live?

The following applications were received by Harrogate Borough Council's planning department, week ending September 22.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th October 2017, 3:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:35 am
Weekly list of planning applications
Weekly list of planning applications

HarrogateRemoval of existing single stone pillar and erection of two stone posts and cast iron gate. Low stone upstand wall and reclaimed cast iron railings and new mild steel railings at Valley Gardens, Valley Drive, Harrogate for D Mason.

Erection of a single-storey extension. Demolition of steps. Alteration to fenestration at 88 Duchy Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Blackett.

Approval of details required under partial discharge of condition 4 (roof tiles) of permission 17/02423/FUL - Erection of single and two storey extensions, replacement roof and retaining wall, alterations to fenestration, partial conversion of garage to form utility, rendering of walls, formation of hardstanding and parking and raised lawn at 8 Dale Bank, Harrogate for R Whitfield.

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Erection of 12 apartments, walls and gates, conversion and extension of potting shed to form bin and bike store, formation of associated access, landscaping, hardstanding, undercroft car parking, installation of ramp and tree works to various trees including felling works within group G1 and G2 of Tree Preservation Order R48/2015 (Revised scheme) at Old Swan Hotel, Swan Road, Harrogate for S Hepden.

Change of use of retail unit (use class - A1) to restaurant (use class - A3) at 46 Kings Road, Harrogate for J Mossman.Approval of details required under condition 9 (noise reduction) of planning permission 17/01513/FUL - Change of use from Class A1/A3 (mixed retail/cafe) to Class A3 (restaurant) with erection of outdoor terrace to rear of the building; associated front and rear external alterations and replacement of plant and extraction equipment at 7-9 Parliament Street, Harrogate for c/o agent.

Approval of details required under conditions 8 (wall and roof materials), 9 (external panels), 22 (woodland management plan), 29 (BREEAM) of permission 14/04985/RG3MAJ -

Demolition of office buildings and erection of new offices with associated car parking and landscaping and removal of trees in the Harrogate conservation area at site of Knapping Mount, West Grove Road, Harrogate for N Avison.

Erection of first floor extension at 2 Firs Gate, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Richardson.

Erection of two storey extension. Formation of four dormer windows. Alterations to fenestration at 18 Beechwood Grove, Harrogate for Mr Brown.

Discharge of conditions 5 (construction access), 7 (visibility splays), 11 (highways improvement scheme), 12 (works to highway) and 13 (construction method statement) with part discharge of conditions 27 (surface water drainage scheme), 28 (surface outfall details), 38 (foul and surface water scheme) and 39 (disposal of foul water) of planning permission 14/02737/EIAMAJ - Outline application for erection of 600 dwellings, primary school, community/retail facilities and open space with access considered (site area 27.8ha) (resubmission) at land at grid reference 427444 455651, Penny Pot Lane, Killinghall for Mr Uttley.

Erection of single storey extension. Alteration to fenestration. Conversion of garage at 12 Stonecrop Avenue, Killinghall for Mr and Mrs Bell.

Demolition of garage and conservatory and erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension at 4 Wheatlands Way, Harrogate for S McCulloch.

Erection of two storey extension, installation of dormer windows and rooflights, roof alterations to form pitched roof, new front gable with tudor panelling, alterations to fenestration and demolition of conservatory (revised scheme) at 22 St Georges Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Graham.

Demolition of detached garage and erection of detached outbuilding at Flat 1 Tewit Croft, Stray Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Leslie.

Application for non-material amendment to allow alteration of proposed garage cladding of application 17/00923/FUL - Installation of a ground source heat pump system, erection of garage and alterations to existing access and formation of new access with associated landscaping at Pott Bridge Farm, Beckwithshaw for D Bailey.

Felling of a willow tree and lateral reduction (to give 1m clearance of summer house) of a beech tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at 10 Leeds Road, Harrogate for Mr Mistry.

Crown reduction of by 5m of a lime tree, 2m of a cherry plum tree and 3m of a sycamore tree within the Harrogate Conservation Area at 37A Kent Road, Harrogate for J Eastwood.

Crown reduction (by 2m) of a eucalyptus tree and crown reduction (by 0.5m - 1m) of two willow trees, two Malus trees and a cherry tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at 28 Rutland Drive, Harrogate for Mr Bird.

Crown thinning (by 10 per cent) and crown lift (by 3m) of a beech tree within area A1 of Tree Preservation Order 06/1981 at 37 Harlow Manor Park, Harrogate for R Banks.

Felling of an ash tree (T1) to rear of property within Harrogate Conservation Area at Trelowen, 52 Cornwall Road, Harrogate for Mr Parker.

Felling of a laburnum (T1). crown reduction (from 8m to 4.5m) of a purple leaf plum (T2). Crown lift (to 4.5m) of 1 silver birch (T3). crown lift (to 4.5m) of a lime (T4) in Harrogate Conservation Area at 25 York Road, Harrogate for Mrs Le Bek.

Felling of three conifer trees (G1) in Harrogate Conservation Area at 26 York Road, Harrogate for C Powel.

Crown reduction (by 1m) of a beech tree (T1) within the Harrogate Conservation Area at 16 Kingsway Drive, Harrogate for Mrs McKenzie.

Crown thinning (by five per cent) of a beech tree (T1) of Tree Preservation Order 10/2002 at Park House, Regent Parade, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Pearson.


Erection of a garden boundary wall at 48A Boroughbridge Road, Knaresborough for R Kirk.

Application for approval of details required under condition 4 (Tree Preservation Plan) of permission 17/00756/FUL - Demolition of utility room, erection of single and two storey extensions, integral garage and pottery studio (for domestic purposes), dormer window, roof light, bay window, Juliette balcony and alterations to fenestration (revised scheme) at Moat Cottage, Midgeley Lane, Goldsborough for Mr and Mrs Oldroyd.

Lateral reduction (by 2 m) and crown lift (to 3-3.5m) of an oak tree T1 of Tree Preservation Order 23/2003 at 17 Birkdale Avenue, Knaresborough for Mr Huxtable.

Felling of five Elm trees, eight Sycamore trees and four Ash trees within 01/1959 at Chapel Of Our Lady Of The Crag, Abbey Road, Knaresborough for Mrs Clarke.


Formation of dropped kerb crossing and hardstanding at Glenallen, Hollins Lane, Hampsthwaite for Mr and Mrs Nobile.

Erection of single storey extension at Dolly House, Darley Carr, Darley for N Sykes.

Notification for prior approval for change of use of agricultural building to 1 dwelling at Hill Top Farm, School Lane, Dacre Banks for Mr and Mrs Proctor.


Application for non-material amendment to allow alterations to dormer window and provision of conservation rooflight to planning permission 16/05567/REM - Erection of a dwelling at Furtherdown South Crescent, Ripon for Mr and Mrs Appleton-Metcalfe.

Erection of a single and a two storey extension, and alterations to fenestration at Riverdene, Fishergreen, Ripon for Mr and Mrs Gallagher.

Prior notification for change of use from agricultural building to two residential dwellings at The Beeches, Magdalens Road, Ripon for S Newby.

Erection of single storey attached store and installation of fence and gates at Army Cadet Force, Clotherholme Road, Ripon for RFCA.

Application for approval of details required under conditions 5 (drainage), 8 (flood risk), 11 (pre construction environmental management plan), 12 (landscape and ecology), 13 (geoenvironmental appraisal), 17 and 18 (highways), 23 (travel plan), 24 and 25 (arboricultural report), 27 and 28 (landscaping) of permission 14/04315/FULMAJ - Demolition of buildings and erection of 84 dwellings with garaging, conversion of barn to form a dwelling and formation of new vehicle accesses and associated landscaping. (site area 4.4ha) at site of Riverside Sawmills, Valuation Lane, Boroughbridge for Linden Homes.

Non-material amendment to allow alterations to parking space materials to planning permission 16/05622/RG3 - Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 18 dwellings (site area 0.68 ha) (revised scheme) at 13 St Johns Way, Bishop Monkton for G Brookfield.

Demolition of existing garage and erection of single storey extension, alterations to fenestration and installation of roof lights at Lynstones, Nutwith Lane, Grewelthorpe for Mr and Mrs Baker.

Erection of one dwelling, detached garage; Demolition of part of boundary wall to form access at 42 Park Street, Masham for c/o agent.