Replacement garage and store at Croft House Brearton for Mr & Mrs Pickard.

Single and two storey extensions at & Stockwell Road Knaresborough for Mr N Fowler.

Display of 1 non illuminated fascia sign and 1 non-illuminated ATM surround at 15 Market Place Knaresborough for c/o Mr Scott Bailey.

Variation of condition 2 to Planning Permission 6.100.2835.FUL to allow the installation of handrail at High Bridge Gardens Waterside Knaresborough for Mr R Booth.

Enclosed staircase to allow access to first floor office space at GSPK Electronics Ltd Manse Lane Knaresborough for Mr G Keddie.

Formation of 15 car parking spaces (revised scheme) at Environmental Technologies St James Business Park Grimbald Crag Road Knaresborough for Mrs Jill Walsh.

Two storey extension and installation of window at 48 Stockwell Grove Knaresborough for Mr & Mrs J Booth.

Felling of 2 pine trees within the Knaresborough Conservation Area at 5 Abbey Court Abbey Road Knaresborough for Ms Julie Cope.

Crown thinning (5%) of 1 beech of tree T28 and 3 acer, 2 lime and 1 beech of group G10 of Tree Preservation Order 05/2008 at West Lodge Ripley Road Knaresborough for Ms J Hargrave.

2 Storey extension, car port and 2 dormer windows and installation of 1 roof light at 68 Halfpenny Lane Knaresborough for Mr & Mrs G Yates.

Conversion of outbuildings to form new dwelling and erection of single garage and boundary wall (site area 0.06ha) at Beech House York #Road Green Hammerton for Mr & Mrs J Lambert.

Garage at 7 Princess Mead Goldsborough for Mr D Withey.