Conversion of stables to form dwelling (site area 0.069ha) at Hawkwell Paddock Bilton Lane for Mr & Mrs S Knight.

Approval of details under condition 4 (Material Sample) and 6 (BREEAM Certificate) of Planning Permission 6.79.5468.AD.FULMAJ at Harrogate District Hospital Lancaster Park Road for Ms A Gillett.

Lateral reduction of 3 leylandii and 10 prunus and crown reduction of 1 cherry tree within the Harrogate Conservation Area at 2 Kent Avenue for Mr J Rawel.

Dingle storey extension at 58 Harlow Terrace for Mr S Hilton.

Felling of 2 maple and 1 horse chestnut within the Harrogate Conservation Area at 6 Hereford Road for Mrs L Allan.

Crown thinning and crown reduction of 1 hornbeam of group G1 of Tree Preservation Order 06/1981 at 9 Manor Park Road for Mrs A Henson.

Felling of 5 conifer, Crown reduction of 1 sycamore and 1 conifer tree in the Harrogate Conservation Area at Tumbler Cottage 53 Rutland Drive for Mrs G Heffron.

Crown lifting of 2 Alder trees and crown lifting and lateral reducing of 1 Lime tree and 1 London Plane tree within the Harrogate Conservation Area at Asda Stores Ltd Bower Road for Ms C Hooper.

Conversion of basement to form garden flat with formation of front and rear light wells (site area 0.02ha) at 18 Dragon Parade for Mr Nicholson.

Felling of 1 elm within the Harrogate Conservation Area at 6 Dragon Road for Mrs S Jacobs.

Felling of 1 sycamore of tree T6, crown reducing of 1 Oak of tree T5 and deadwooding of 1 Lime of tree T28 of Tree Preservation Order 02/1973 at 32 Park Place Parade for Mr Warrington.

Felling of 1 holly, 1 elder and 2 elms within Harrogate Conservation area at 32 Park Place Park Parade for Mr Warrington.

Approval of details required under condition 12 (BREEAM Certificate) in relation to planning permission 6.93.1.K.FU at Old Spring Well Oaker Bank Killinghall for Marston’s Inns and Taverns/Wildgoose Construction.

Single storey extension to upper ground floor at GC Motors Ripon Road for GC Motors.

Variation of condition 2 of planning permission 6.79.12550.FUL to allow the amendment to the approved plans at 1 Osborne Walk for Mrs A Hynard.

Single storey rear extension ,extending 3.6m from the rear wall of the original dwelling,height to the eaves is 2.4 m and the height to the ridge is 3.5m at 45 Almsford Oval for Mrs Rosalind Dechant.

Single and 2 two storey extensions and formation of new vehicular access at 2 Fulwith Close for Mr P Baxter.

Reduction of elongated branch towards play park by 2m and deadwooding of 1 Ash tree within area A1 of Tree Preservation Order No 3 1993 at 1 Goodrick Close for Mr A Bowler.

Variation of conditions 1,4 and 5 of Planning Permission 6.79.4646.F.DVCMAJ to amend the plan reference P15 to P15J at White Rose Court Redfearn Mews for J&J Ward/Styan Builders.

Approval of details required under condition 3 (Sectional Drawings) in relation to planning permission 6.122.324.FUL at Spofforth Methodist Church Chapel Lane Spofforth for Mr And Mrs C Marston.

Felling of 1 ash within the Kirkby Overblow Conservation area at Wharfedale View Barrowby Lane Kirkby Overblow for Mr P Lowndes.

Variation of condition 10 and 11 of Planning Permission 6.79.1182.T.FULMAJ to alter when Design Stage Certificates and Post Construction Certificates are required. at site of 3 St James Drive for Dr T Brammall.

Garage extension at 24 The Oval for Mr & Mrs Taylor.