Crown reducing of 1 beech of T3 of Tree Preservation order 01/1973 at 2 Spencers Way for Mr & Mrs S Eyre.

Two storey extension at 11 Spencers Way for Mr K Swales.

Single storey rear extension, extending 6 metres from the original rear wall and with a ridge height of 3.850 metres and an eaves height of 2.550 metres at 20 Swarcliffe Road for Mr & Mrs Martin Howard.

Single storey extension and existing garage extension and installation of 1 roof light at 30 Duchy Road for Mr & Mrs J Charlton.

Crown thinning of 1 willow and 2 cherry trees within Harrogate Conservation Area at 35 Ripon Road for Mr P Walker.

Felling of 1 sycamore within Harrogate Conservation Area at 7 Harcourt Drive for Mr MH Jowett.

Felling of 1 sycamore tree of group G2 of Tree Preservation Order 02/1973 at 5 Christ Church Oval for J Elders.

Single storey side and rear extensions at 47 Crossways Crescent for Miss P Benson.

Two storey and single storey extensions and porch roofing at 5 St Ronans Close for Mrs H Trist.

Crown lifting of 1 birch (3.5m) and deadwooding of 1 oak of G1 of Tree Preservation Order 43/1994 at Brewers Fayre Hornbeam Park Avenue for Mr C Walkinshaw.

Outline application for erection of 1 detached dwelling and detached garage (site area 0.14) with siting and access considered (Revised Scheme) at Five Gables Ripon Road Killinghall for Mr And Mrs M Hall.

Listed building consent for internal alterations to shop to include installation of stud walls to create changing rooms and suspended raft system at 5 Parliament Street for Mr Ian Bolster.

Listed building consent for siting of external freezer unit at Wetherspoons The Winter Gardens Parliament Street for JD Wetherspoon PLC.

Installation of door and pitched roof to section of existing flat roof at 11-13 Beulah Street for Mr N Hill.

Conversion of nursing home and residential centre to form 11 apartments (C3) including formation of light wells and erection of 2 single storey extensions (site area 0.13ha) at Kingsley Nursing Home and Residential Centre 36-40 Ripon Road for The Chuffin Puffin Ltd.

Change of use from hotel to dwelling house at Cavendish Hotel 3 Valley Drive for Mrs C Say.

Listed building consent for the cleaning and restoration of front facade at Wetherspoons the Winter Gardens Parliament Street for JD Wetherspoon PLC.

Two storey extension, Raising of eave height and alterations to existing windows and doors at Old Stone Lodge 7 Fulwith Road for |Mr D Chervak.

Two storey and single storey extensions with raised terrace, installation of 3 windows and 2 doors and alterations to existing windows at 139 Leeds Road for Mr & Mrs S Blamires.

Listed building application for internal alterations to include the installation of glazed panel to existing garage arch at Wingate Court, Plompton for Mr & Mrs Kerfoot.

Proposed change of use of offices nos 1-3 and 9-10 to 4 dwelling houses at Haggs Farm Haggs Road Spofforth for Rudding Park Estate Ltd.

Detached double garage at Rowan Bank for Mr T Gill.

Crown reducing (1.5-2m) of 1 willow within the Harrogate Conservation Area at 5 Vernon Road for Mrs I Robertson.

Application for non material amendment to allow increased width of garage from 3400mm to 3800mm to Planning permission 6.79.12565.FUL - erection of detached garage at 2 Roseway for Mr L Hurst.