Planning Applications Harrogate

Single storey front porch extension at 20 Hall Lane for Mr Jason Layfield.

Storage building and formation of first floor level to Hartwith House with installation of 22 windows and door at GH Brooks Ltd Hartwith House Claro Road for GH Brooks & Co (Harrogate) Ltd.

Fell 1 sycamore and 1 leylandii within Harrogate Conservation Area at 46 Duchy Road for Mr N Mountain.

Garden room to replace existing conservatory and installation of door at 7 Hereford Road for Mr & Mrs J Hain.

Lateral reduction and selective pruning of 2 cherry, 2 plum abnd 2 holly trees within Harrogate Conservation Area at 122B Duchy Road for Mr D Pilling.

Felling of 1 oak within Harrogate Conservation Area at Flat 1 13 Rutland Road for Ms J Bruce.

Felling of 1 Corsican pine, crown reduction of 1 Corsican pine and crown lift of 1 Corsican pine G1 of Tree Preservation Order 38 1999 at White Lodge 3 Wood View for Mr Birch.

Felling of 1 silver birch, 1 larch and 1 spruce. Crown reduction and reshape 1 eucalyptus,1 cherry and 5 cypress trees. Crown clean and time 1 lime. Selective pruning of 1 laburnum, selective pruning and deadwood 1 larch. All trees withing the Harrogate Conservation Area at White Lodge 3 Wood View for Mr Birch.

Single storey side extension at 16 Beckwith Close for Mr and Mrs Godolphin.

Conservation area consent to move 2m high gate pillars at 14 Hereford Road for Mrs Claire Atkinson.

Reserved matters application under outline permission 6.79.26.K..OUTMAJ for residential development of up to 46 dwellings with access, appearance, landscaping, layout an de- scale considered (site area 1.6ha) at Harlow Hill Depot site Harlow Moor Road for Miller Homes.

Retention of change of use from A1 retail to A1 and A3 retail and cafe at Rasmus 12-13 Royal Parade for Mydy Trading Ltd.

Single storey extension at 2 Albert Terrace for Mr Robin Vauvelle.

Listed building consent for single storey extension which involves the reposition of 3 external windows, removal of 1 window and 1 roof light and various internal alterations to include the removal of 2 walls and 3 doors and re-flooring of dining room to install under floor heating at 2 Albert Terrace for Mr & Mrs Robin Vauvelle.

Crown reduction of 1 beech T2 of Tree Preservation Order 46 2009 at Pannal Hall Main Street Pannal for Mr GA Redhead.

Rear conservatory at 71 Walton Park Pannal for Mr & Mrs Holder.

Approval of details under conditions 37 and 41 (hedge removal) of planning permission 6.79.7875.T.FULMAJ at Nidd Vale Motors 91-97 Leeds Road for DLG Architects LLP

Application for a non material amendment for increase of eaves height and alteration of roof pitch in relation to planning permission 6.79.12474.FUKL attached garage to side at 17 Norfolk Road ofr Mrs T Cassidy.

Crown reduce 2 prunus plum trees, 1 silver birch and 1 beech within Harrogate Conservation Area at 3 Park Avenue for Mrs Thelma Spain.

Felling of 1 laurel, 1 sycamore and 1 fir, crown thin and crown lift 1 beech, crown lift 1 oak, pollarding 1 hornbeam and deadwooding 1 oak within Harrogate Conservation Area at Beechwood House 127 Hookstone Road for Mr Cullan.

Single storey side extension at 10 Rayleigh Road for Mr E Hardie.

Approval of details under condition 4 (landscaping) of planning permission 6.79.5403.D.FUL at The Old Coach House rear of Royal Crescent for Mr and Mrs T Bletcher.

Single storey side and rear extensions at 5 Tewit Well Road for Mr Gavin Fearnley.

Felling of 1 conifer within Harrogate Conservation Area at 5 Tewit Well Road for Mr Gavin Fearnley.

Installation of 1 DSLAM cabinet at land at 2 Park Road Spofforth for Openreach.

Felling of 1 chestnut and 1 ash within the Kirkby Overblow Conservation Area at St Helens Cottage Swindon Lane Kirkby Overblow for Mrs F Edhem