Planning applications

Planning applicationsPlanning applications
Planning applications
The following applications were received by Harrogate Borough Council's planning department, week ending October 6.


Display of 1 non illuminated fascia sign, 1 non illuminated pictorial panel, 1 externally illuminated lettering name sign, 2 non illuminated amenity boards and installation of flood lights and lanterns at The Empress, 10 Church Square, Harrogate for Enterprise Inn Plc.

Outline application for residential development of up to 90 dwellings with access considered at Land Comprising Field At 431973 456338 Kingsley Road, Harrogate for Stonebridge Projects Limited and Mr N Chippendale.

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Listed building application for conversion and extension of potting shed to form bike and bin store and alterations to fenestration with internal works to include erection of walls (Revised scheme) at Old Swan Hotel, Swan Road,

Harrogate for S Hepden.

Erection of boundary fence at 1A Harlow Oval, Harrogate for Mr Bancroft.

Change of use from Food & Drink (Class - A3) to Residential (Class -C3) at Kwun Wah Chinese Restaurant, 5 Strawberry Dale, Harrogate for J Tang.

Erection of two and single storey extensions with integral garage at 29 Electric Avenue, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Balmforth.

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Demolition of garage, green house and study/bedroom, removal of chimney, erection of two storey extension, alterations to fenestration, formation of glazed canopy porch and formation of gate at 110 Leeds Road, Harrogate for R Jackson.

Erection of single storey extension with formation of raised terrace area at 101 Stonefall Avenue, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Walker.

Formation of outdoors seating area for tables and chairs at Costa Coffee 24B High Street, Harrogate for S Patel.

Erection of two storey and single storey rear extension, erection of front porch and alterations to fenestration at 48 Kingsley Road, Harrogate for Ms Barnett.

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Erection of 1 dwelling with associated car parking and access (site area 0.04ha) at 1 Hillbank View, Harrogate for M Hassall.

Erection of 1no single-storey extension. Erection of porch. Conversion of existing garage. Alteration to fenestration at 16 Wedderburn Close, Harrogate for Mr Beadle.

Variation of Condition No. 2 (drawings) of permission 14/01253/FULMAJ to amend the elevations of the link extension and location of the kitchen extract ductwork at Site Of Highways Depot, Starbeck Station View, Harrogate for Keepmoat


Approval of details under condition 3 (materials) of planning permission 17/02772/FUL - Additional rendering to cover the whole dwelling at 32 Cavendish Avenue, Harrogate for D Brooks.

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Erection of single storey extension. Installation of metal railings. Formation of no3 rooflights. Removal of existing flue; installation of flue and fan outlets. Alteration to fenestration at 8 Vernon Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Lynam.

Conversion of 2 flats to form 1 single dwelling (Site area 0.018ha) at 32 Alderson Road, Harrogate for N Jenkin.

Crown lifting (to 4 metres) of 2 Fagus trees and pollarding of 3 Lime tress within the Harrogate Conservation Area at Flat 2 Rutland Court, 32A Rutland Drive, Harrogate for J Darren.

Felling of 1 Leylandii tree within the Harrogate Conservation Area at Kenilworth Lodge, 3 Kent Avenue, Harrogate for A Scott.

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Felling of 1 Pinus tree (T4), Felling of 2 Conifer trees (T6 & T7), Crown reduction (by 1/3 of current height) of 4 Conifer trees (T1, T2, T3 & T5), Crown reduction (by 20%) and removal of diseased branches of 1 Apple 
tree (T8)

within the Harrogate Conservation Area at 55 Harlow Moor Drive, Harrogate for R Vickers.

Crown thinning (by 15%), crown reduction (from 14m to 12.5m), lateral reduction (by 1.5m) of Norway Maple tree (T1) to rear of property within TPO 24/2017 at 62 Harcourt Drive, Harrogate for Mr Bornstein.

Lateral reduction (by 1m) of 1 Purple Leafed Plum (T1) at rear of property within Harrogate Conservation Area at 62 Harcourt Drive, Harrogate for D Bornstein.

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Felling of 1 Leyland Cypress (T1) to front of property within TPO 51/2017 at 23 South Park Road, Harrogate for Mr Blandford.

Felling of 1 no. Norway Spruce within Harrogate Conservation Area at 8 Alexandra Road, Harrogate for Hendley.

Lateral reduction (by 2-3m) of 1 no. Sycamore within Harrogate Conservation Area at Flat 2 Cecil Court, 107-113 Valley Drive, Harrogate for G Holliday.

Felling of 7 Scots Pine Trees within Mixed Woodland W1 of Tree Preservation Order 12/1987 at 16 The Lawns, Harrogate for Dr Patterson.

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Display of 2 no. internally illuminated fascia signs, 1 no. internally illuminated pylon sign, 1 no. internally illuminated entrance sign, 1 no. entrance sign, 4 no. flags, 1 no. logo sign, 1 no. information sign, 5 no. internally illuminated parking sign and 1 no. internally illuminated no entry sign at Mercedes-Benz, Leeds Road, Pannal for N/A.

Retention of agricultural storage building at Woodside Farm, Otley Road, Beckwithshaw for B Khan.


Application for non-material amendment to allow the removal of condition 47 of planning permission 13/00535/EIAMAJ - Mixed use development comprising residential dwellings (Use Class C3), employment use (Use Classes B1 and B8), a

neighbourhood centre (Use Classes A1, A2, A3 ,A4 and A5), open landscaping, a primary school (Use Class D1) and associated access at Manse Farm, Knaresborough for Commercial Estates Projects.

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Variation of Condition No. 2 (approved plans) of permission 17/00438/FUL to allow formation of basement at 36 Boroughbridge 
Road, Knaresborough for A Butler.

Crown lift (to give 3.5m clearance from ground level) and lateral reduction (to give 3.5m clearance of property) of 1 London Plane tree within Knaresborough Conservation Area at 4 Appleby Crescent, Knaresborough for C Davison.


Change of Use of Agricultural Building (Use Class - Sui Generis) to 1 no. Dwelling (Use Class - C3) at Land At Grid Reference 426635 464171 Bishop Thornton for Mr and Mrs Shepherd.

Erection of agricultural building for purposes of livestock at Hatton House Farm, Bishop Thornton for Kellett & Sons.

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Erection of detached double garage with store rooms (Revised scheme) at Hill Top Farm, Dacre for Mr and Mrs Cooper.

Change of Use of Agricultural Barn to Education Centre (Use Class - D1); Erection of single-storey extension; Retention of play equipment at Studfold Farm Stud, Fold Bank, Lofthouse for Mr and Mrs Walker and Challis.

Listed building application for installation of replacement windows and doors at 1 Bridge House, The Raikes, Wilsill for Mr Hesselden.

Erection of garage; Change of Use of Agricultural Land to Domestic Curtilage; Diversion of existing Public Right of Way at Sykes House Barn, Meagill Lane, Blubberhouses for Mr Tudor Townsend.

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Renovation of barn to form 1 dwelling at Disused Barn Known As Penny Pot House, Penny Pot Lane, Felliscliffe for M Calvert.


Formation of pedestrian access at 10 Westmount Close, Ripon for R Taylor.

Erection of two storey extension (Revised scheme) at 11 Williamson Gardens, Ripon for I Carling.

Listed building consent for the installation of a new shop fascia sign including an LED trough light at 25 Market Place, Ripon for A1 Comms Retail Limited.

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Conversion of garage to form ancillary living accommodation at 2 Wheatsheaf Close, Ripon for A Walker.

Erection of first floor extension and alterations to fenestration at 9 Dudley Walk, Ripon for Mr and Mrs Hinton.

Application for approval of details required under condition 5 (Public sewer details) of permission 17/02429/REM - erection of 3 terraced dwellings with associated parking (Site Area 0.05ha) at Land East Of 21 Stonebridgegate, Ripon for Gray & Bintcliffe.

Erection of single storey extension with pitched roof to replace flat roof to 
form garden room, pitched roof to replace existing flat 
roof to garage and alter-ations to fenestration at Cranford, Knaresborough Road, Bishop Monkton for Mr and Mrs Jeary.

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External alterations to Eastern elevation and roof. Alterations to internal layout including an increase in floor area of cafe. New signage to be incorporated within new cladding at Cascade Garden Centre, Harrogate Road, Bishop

Monkton for Grass Roots (Organic).

Listed building consent for application of limewash to the 18th century stone statue of Hercules and Antaeus at Statue Of Hercules And Antaeus National Trust Fountains Abbey And Studley Royal Water Garden for National Trust.

Erection of detached garage with attached carport, log store and garden store at Lowgate Cottage, Low Gate Lane, Sawley for Mr and Mrs Terry.

Felling of 1 Willow tree (T1) within TPO 40/2005 at Hutton House, Hungate Bishop Monkton for Mr McDonald.