Demolition of existing building and erection of 10 dwellings (site area 0.24ha)(revised scheme) at Hollybank 4 Stockwell Lane Knaresborough for CoHo.

Felling of 1 leyland cypress within the Knaresborough Conservation area at York House, 9 York Place, Knaresborough for Miss K Ruffles.

Change of use of shop to coffee shop (mix of Use Class A1 - shop and A3 - restaurants and cafes)(revised scheme) at 8-10 Market Place, Knaresborough for Nero Holdings Ltd.

Felling of 22 leyland cypress trees within the Scriven Conservation Area at site of the Old Sawmill Scriven for M D Blood.

Variation of conditions 4,7 and 8 of planning appeal permission 6.100.597.D.FUL to allow drainage, tree protection and surface materials to be approved and replacement of condition 2 in respect to materials at site of Hillside Slingsby Avenue Knaresborough for CMC Construction (Yorks) Ltd.

Detached garage at Hillcrest Main Street Great Ouseburn for Mr & Mrs Baddeley.