2 storey extensions and 2 porches to 75 and 77 Bachelor Gardens at 75 & 77 Bachelor Gardens for Mr & Mrs Tilburn & Ms Wilson Wright.

Single storey extension and replacement garage at 22 Meadow Way for Mr & Mrs C Beaumont.

Deletion of condition 1 in relation to planning permission of 6.79.5990.D.PDUCo to allow annex as self contained residence at 132 Knox Lane for Mr & Mrs K Fawcett.

Deletion of condition 3 in relation to planning permission 6.79.5990.E.FUL to allow use of annex as self contained residence at 132 Knox Lane for Mr & Mrs K Fawcett.

Change of use from B1 to taxi office (use class sui generis) at Unit 31 Claro Court Business Centre Claro Road for Mr S Lee.

Single storey extension and re-rendering of exterior of dwelling at 2 Hereford Road for Mr & Mrs Kissane.

Felling of 1 leyland cypress and crown thinning of 1 beech within Harrogate Conservation Area at 19 Kent Road for Ms F Thompson.

Listed building application for internal alterations to lower ground and first floor levels and install second floor level with alterations to staircase at Coach House to rear of 19 Park Parade for Mr M Pilkington.

Single storey extension at 36 Providence Terrace for Mr G Bursnall.

Two storey and single storey extension at 48 Hookstone Way for Mr & Mrs S Harrison.

Display of 1 non-illuminated wall mounted GRP car sign at Stratstone MINI 320 Forest Lane for Pendragon Motor Group.

Felling of 1 golden honey locust tree and 1 copper beech within Hampsthwaite Conservation Area at Corner Stone Church Lane Hampsthwaite for Mrs L Parker.

Application for approval of condition 4 (Geo-Environmental Investigation and Risk Assessment) of planning permission 6.93.379.Q.FUL at Army Foundation College Uniacke Barracks Penny Pot Lane for Army Foundation College.

Change of use of first floor from shop to cafe and bar (Use Class A3 Restaurants and Cafes and A4 Drinking Establishments) with open plan shop area (Use Class A1 Shops) at 1 The Ginnel for Mr T Smith.

Single storey extension with car parking over at GC Motors Ripon Road for GC Motors Ltd.

Application for approval of condition 9 (Design Stage Code Certificates for plots 1,4 & 5) of planning permission 6.79.12195.B.DVCMAJ at land comprising field at 431284 452856 Fulwith Mill Lane for Zammitt Developments.

Two storey extension at 63 Walton Park Pannal for Dr S Parker.

First floor extension at Meadow Sweet Tofts Lane Follifoot for Mr S Glendinning.

Single storey extension and detached garage at 62 Pannal Ash Grove for Mr & Mrs Ward.

First floor extension at 27 Forest Grove for Mr M Barnes.

Crown thin 1 sycamore and 1 oak in G1 and 1 beech T3 of Tree Preservation Order 2 1995 at Low House Slingsby Walk for Mr J Clarke.

Certificate of lawfulness for proposed conversion of roof space with dormer window and roof lights at 1A St Catherines Road for Mr M Davies.

Single storey extension and garage at 11 St Winifreds Road for Mr & Mrs D Leah.

Deadwooding and crown thinning of 1 pine, crown thinning and selective pruning of 1 silver maple, deadwooding, crown reshaping and crown cleaning of 1 pine, deadwooding and selective pruning of 1 pine in the Harrogate Conservation Area at Tewit Well Court 7 Leeds Road for Tewit Well Court Management Ltd.

Painting of property exterior at 16 Tewit Well Road for Mr S Rhodes.

Installation of UPVC windows at Whitehall Lodge 2 Tewit Well Road for Mr John Collyer.

Conversion ofl loft including side dormer extension, installation of roof light windows and new roof at 5 Philippas Drive for Mrs R Denwood.

Display of 1 internally illuminated fascia sign and 1 internally illuminated projecting sign at HSBC Bank 138 Skipton Road for Ladbrookes Plc.