Picture: Pet of the week

Amy Heptonstall with Lola (left) and Obie.
Amy Heptonstall with Lola (left) and Obie.

Our Pets of the Week for August 8 are Bassett hounds Lola and Odie, owned by Amy Heptonstall of Harrogate.

Name of pets: Lola - female and Obie - male.

Name & address: Amy Heptonstall, Harrogate.

Breed: Basset Hounds.

Age: Lola is three and a half and Obie is two years. They aren’t related, they are from different breeders.

Likes/Dislikes: Lola would honestly sleep all day if she could, she comes to the day care unit and has a potter around, then sleeps. She is an absolute gem on her walks, apart from rolling in fox poop now and again. She has a huge bark, she sounds very unladylike!

Obie can also be quite lazy but he is completely different in other ways, he is a lot more active, and a bit of a drama queen, when I clip his claws,clean his ears or bath him he cries like a girl!

What do they mean to us: They mean a lot to us, although they come to work with me everyday it’s always lovely to get home and sit in the garden with them in the summer.

Anecdotes: They are both really greedy and will sniff anything out, Lola once ate half a box of after eight mints, had to go to the vet for an injection to make her sick, she felt very sorry for herself but it was quite funny to see the individual wrappers come up too! Minty fresh!

Other info: Hounds were bred for their sense of smell, they have the long ears to “scoop up” the scent they are on.

lEach week, we are giving readers the opportunity to have their photo taken with their pets by one of our photographers.

We have teamed up with Pretty Paws dog grooming and day care to feature a pet and their owner in every edition.

If you live in the Harrogate district, get a group of friends or family together, and our photographer will come to you and get a shot of you and your pet.

This is not just for dogs, either.

Cats, fish, snakes, horses or even cows could be considered.

To get involved, contact Zoe Drye by email on ackrill.news@ypn.co.uk or post an application to Pet Pictures, Harrogate Advertiser, 1 Cardale Park, Harrogate HG3 1RZ