Pheasant trapped in car grille survives 25-mile journey from Harrogate

A pheasant miraculously survived after it was hit by a car near Harrogate and trapped in the front grille of the vehicle for 25 miles.

Friday, 6th July 2018, 5:08 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:50 pm
The RSPCA was called out to the driver's home inYork

The RSPCA was called out to the male driver's home in York on Saturday (June, 23), after he returned from a trip to Brimham Rocks and discovered the pheasant.

Helen Martindale, RSPCA animal collection officer, says, the bird appeared to have not been injured when she arrived.

She said: "He thinks he hit the bird whilst on the motorway but was unable to stop at the time. When he returned home and checked his vehicle he found the bird stuck in the car grille but miraculously still alive.

The pheasant survived being trapped and carried for 25 miles

“I went along and was able to carefully remove the bird from the front bumper of the car and, amazingly, she didn’t seem to be injured.”

ACO Martindale kept the pheasant overnight to monitor their condition but the bird has since been safely released back into the wild.

Helen said: “She was a little shocked at first but wasn’t displaying any signs of injury so I kept a close eye on her overnight and she appeared to be absolutely fine.

“After enjoying some time pecking around my garden I released her to some fields nearby and she ran off into the undergrowth.

“It’s amazing that she was okay especially considering her 25-mile journey in the grille and the damage that had been caused to the car.”