William’s Cold Water dips

A former sailor is taking daily dips in the River Nidd throughout November to raise money for Cancer Research.

William Wright, from Pateley Bridge, started his bid to raise £500 for the charity.

William said: “I came across an ad from Cancer Research on Facebook about the Cancer Research Cold Water Challenge which involves submerging yourself in cold water every day for the month of November.

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“I know a few people that have been effected by this terrible condition so I thought I would sign up to raise money and more importantly awareness.

“I actually started dipping in the river back in October to acclimatize to the cold but soon got hooked and have been in the river ever since, apart from when it is running dangerously fast.”

He added: “I never take any chances as I spent 15 year in the Royal Navy and now work in Health and Safety so preparation is key like making sure there is easy multiple access and egress points.

“I have warm layered clothing ready for my exit as well as a hot drink. It really important to be prepared and make sure due diligence is conducted as cold water is inherently dangerous.”

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When he hasn’t been able to dip in the river has has bathed in the North Sea, taken cold baths and showers.

“I am in the river normally around lunch time mid week and when I can at weekends sporting my penguin bobble hat.”

Sponsor William https://www.facebook.com/donate/194972132757540/