This is what Harrogate readers have thought of the UCI Cycling Championships

All eyes of the cycling world have been on Harrogate this week as the UCI Cycling Championships takes place, attracting huge crowds to the sporting event.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:20 am

From seeing the positive impact the event will have on the town to having concerns around the disruption here are some of the opinions of Harrogate Advertiser readers from our letters pages.

Matthew Harrison, a business owner from Harrogate, shared his views on the effect the Championships is having "on the vast majority of business in the region".

He said: "The road closures alone and before the event even begins are causing us all headaches. I live close to the centre of Harrogate and own a small firm of land surveyors that operate out of St James Business Park.

"We have postponed several upcoming surveys because of road closures and the fear of travel chaos and I have staff (including myself) taking time off during the event simply to avoid the commute."

Continuing on to say: "I sincerely hope the expected £35-40 million benefit to the local economy is realised, but I cannot see how, and it most certainly is not expected to arrive in any local pockets that I know of."

Angela Sansam from Killinghall writes that the event is causing considerable disruption and hopes "that the council does not approve yet another cycling project".

Pateley Bridge resident David Prince agreed and said: "It is creating havoc on our roads (although suddenly there is money to repair them) signs are every few yards with to much information on to be able to read without stopping, placed where they create a severe traffic hazard and it appears by staff or volunteers without adequate training.

"The sooner they all go home the better. then if we need to go to hospital at least we stand a chance to arrive alive."

Mr G Yates from Harrogate shared his thoughts that the event was a "slap in the face for local people, the tax payer who has to endure such appalling road surfaces, second rate repairs and neglect.

"They (NYCC) cannot look after footpaths, verges, road signage, general street furniture or the road surface itself but can talk the talk and look the part when it comes to putting on a prestigious event.

"It is an absolute disgrace, an embarrassment where nothing ever improves."

Seeing the positive side to the event, Conrad Stead from Harrogate said that being inconvenienced for a week will be worth it with the amount of people and money it will bring to the area.

"Harrogate and North Yorkshire will be viewed on TV by millions worldwide, many of whom will be enticed to visit when they see what a beautiful place we live in.

"An inconvenience to some, undoubtedly, me included, but it’s just one week out of a lifetime, and then everything will be back to normal."

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