Wetherby’s bid to become toilet twinned town

Wetherby residents and businesses are being encouraged to sponsor a lavatory.

Councillors voted for the town to become a toilet twinned town in a bid to support a scheme to provide third world countries with the facilities.

Heather Shipman, Wetherby member of Soroptimists backing the initiative with the Lions, explained: “So many people and children are dying the world over because of poor sanitary conditions and the charity offers them the means to help themselves.

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“The locals build their own toilets and when they see the difference this makes to their lifestyle and health they are keen to build more toilets but they need that initial helping hand.

“The cost of twinning a toilet is £60 and in return you get a framed certificate to put on the back of your own toilet door.”

Heather added that there has already been support from the Wetherby community.

“We have to get at least 20 toilets twinned from a variety of areas in the town such as charities, churches, schools, businesses etc to acquire the status of toilet twinned town.”

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Wetherby High School have twinned two of their toilets; lots of individuals have twinned their toilets; the Lions are supporting the charity,

“I have contacted cafes in the town to see if they are interested and hope to approach the primary schools in September.”

Mayor of Wetherby, Councillor Neil O’Byrne, said: “As soon as we heard about this initiative the council was delighted to give its support.

“There are so many reasons why good hygiene, proper toilets and clean water are so important for everyone in the world to have access to, yet there are so many people who don’t have them.

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“As someone who has a particular interest in protecting women at risk, I would encourage anyone to support this venture to help keep women and girls safe in developing countries.

“Over time we hope to sponsor more toilets within our properties.”

The Town Council urges other Wetherby residents, business and facilities to consider making a donation of £60 and twinning their toilets.

The money is used to fund water and sanitation projects which enable families to build a toilet, have access to clean water, and learn hygiene.