Rotary Life in Lockdown

Knaresborough Rotary’s Life in Lockdown photography competition asked for images that reflected the experiences since March 24.

Friday, 16th October 2020, 12:17 pm

The winning photograph, ‘Lost Connections’, was taken in Harrogate by Hannah Morris.

It shows her daughter, Lucy Morris, outside with her cousin, Mary Walker, inside socially distancing at what should have been a ‘baby shower’ event, prevented by ’lock down’ restrictions.

Second was a photograph of Mei Mutch with a ‘Scare Corvids fight Covids’ scarecrow she made for the allotment scarecrow competition.

Mei volunteered to make PPE gowns for the NHS which gave her the idea for the scarecrow. Photograph taken by her partner Peter Fayers on an I-phone.

The third photograph, ‘Save the Arts’, was taken inside Harrogate Theatre by Rachel Auty, Head of Communications at Harrogate Theatre prior to April 2020. 

Rachel teamed up with two performing artists and a film maker to create a short film about the need to support the arts through the crisis.

She spent the day in an eerily empty theatre using polystyrene heads from the wardrobe department to visualise social distancing, illustrating that 2m distancing in the auditorium isn’t financially viable. 

Highly Commended runners up were taken by - Mike Morley ‘Cats Lockdown’, Sue Lunn ‘Caring for Grandchildren Whose Parents are Keyworkers’, David Moore ‘Temperature Check’ and ‘Sign of the Times’, Sue Parton ‘NHS Rainbow’, and Jonathan Coot ’Socially distancing market’.

“Knaresborough Rotary club are grateful to all those who submitted photographs,” said a spokesman.

“The Judges, Charlotte Gayle and Brian Souter, both Rotarians and professional photographers, enjoyed looking at the photographs.

“The only disappointment was that there was only one entrant under 18. Surely with all those mobile phones out there someone under the age of 18 has taken photographs since March?”