Ripon Runners turn to plogging

A group of Ripon Runners have swapped plodding the streets of the city with Plogging them.

By Janet Harrison
Friday, 22nd July 2022, 10:32 am

The members are following the new trend, called Plogging, and go out once a month armed with litter pickers, bin bags and gloves to clear rubbish.

Organiser and Ripon Running Club committee member, Paul Brazier explained: “It is the global phenomena that is being embraced by countries across the world.

“First established in 2016 in Sweden By Erik Ahlström, it is the act of picking up litter while jogging.

“Supplied with pickers, bin bags and gloves, Ripon Runners now replace plodding the streets of the city with Plogging the streets.

“Not only is it improving the environment for all but it’s a fun way to exercise as well.”

The running club has just over 300 members and regularly cover all the tracks, trails and roads around the city.

And the Ploggers instantly made an impact on the environment during their initial run out.

Paul added: “On our first Plogging outing we managed to remove 12 large sacks of rubbish from our streets.

“Not that Ripon is a particularly strewn with litter but you would be surprised on the amount of litter we collect.

“The club now plogs once a month covering approximately 5km each outing.”

He added that the new found activity has raised a few questions as they go about their on the run street cleaning.

“We have attracted some inquisitive looks as we plog the streets,” added Paul.

“Many locals stopping us to ask what we are doing, initially they think it is some form of court issued community service, but once they see our running vests find out what Plogging is all about they tank us and think it is a brilliant idea.

“Plogging is definitely here to stay and is rapidly gaining momentum within the running club.

“In the battle against climate change, small initiatives like Plogging really go a long way.”

Ripon Runners, which was founded in 1985 as a road running club for all levels, will next go out Plogging on Thursday July 28.

The club meets twice a week - on Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm - and is based at the city’s rugby club.