Race Across the World for Wetherby siblings

Wetherby siblings Dom and Lizzie Slater are featuring in the BBC Race Across the World programme currently being screened on Sunday nights.

Monday, 16th March 2020, 3:25 pm

The brother and sister embarked on the reality show to rebuild their relationship through travel after drifting apart.

Born just 16 months apart, teaching assistant Dom, 22, and chalet host Lizzie, 21, were very close as children but drifted apart as teenagers and now only see each other three times a year.

They both want to find motivation for the next stages in their lives and hope the race to Asia, without flying or using a smartphone, will help them.

Lizzie said: “My motivation for taking part in Race Across the World is to get the chance to build a stronger relationship with my brother, as I believe we have a lot more in common than we both think.

“I also want to give myself a chance to find more confidence as an individual, as I struggle to have faith in my abilities.

“I want to prove to myself I can complete a challenge like this with only myself to rely on.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the first series and constantly said I would’ve loved to have taken part.”

Dom added: “The main reason why me and my sister want to take part is that we used to be so close when we were younger and it is something we both acknowledge and have a desire to get back.”

“Also, at this stage in my life I’m not sure what’s next for me, I’ve recently dropped out of university and I feel like I’m lacking inspiration and motivation.

“I want this experience to give me some perspective and help me take the next step.”