Post restriction meet up for club

Members of Inner Wheel Club of Ripon held their first meeting in person for 16 months since the pandemic started.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 3:47 pm

Covid-19 safety measures were observed when indoors, with registration, hand sanitisers on each table and masks being worn by everyone on a voluntary basis.

“We are not out of the woods yet so common sense prevails,” said spokesman Sheila Whittaker.

“It was, however, wonderful to be out in the sunshine with not a mask in sight.

“Zoom has been - and still will be for coffee mornings - a lifesaver during the pandemic but with new government guidelines now in place, the meeting at our new venue, Ripon Rugby Club, was a great success.

“Our numbers were slightly depleted as the staycationing season is well under way but those of us not on our jollies turned out and it was lovely to see each other face to face.”

Sheila added: “Extended conversation meant keeping vocal chords lubricated, so with copious amounts of biscuits, tea, coffee and iced, lemon water - a brilliant gesture by Ripon Rugby Club and much appreciated on a very hot afternoon - we managed to chatter and catch up with good friends for a couple of hours of real socialising.”

The members went on to discuss future functions, charities to support and club business.

Sheila added: “It was like going to a live theatre after months of watching telly. Long may it continue.”