Our Mission for Macey: Anonymous £15k donation grants little girl's dream of walking

Little Macey with her mum Robyn. Picture: Adrian Murray
Little Macey with her mum Robyn. Picture: Adrian Murray

A three-year-old girl from Ripon who was born unable to use her legs could finally have the chance of walking independently after receiving a £15,000 anonymous donation towards life-changing surgery.

In November last year, the Harrogate Advertiser Series launched Our Mission for Macey, a campaign to help raise £35,000 for little Macey Clarke.

Macey was born with cerebral palsy, leaving her unable to walk unaided and in need of Selective Rhizotomy Dorsal surgery and extensive physiotherapy to give her full independence.

Not covered by the NHS the surgery was once just a dream for Macey and her family, but after an anonymous donation to cover the cost of the surgery, Macey is booked in to have the operation on March 2 this year.

Macey’s mum, Robyn, said: “I’m absolutely over the moon, I feel so blessed and lucky that we have such wonderful people around us, our friends, family, local people

and companies, everybody has just been amazing and I can’t thank them enough.

“It’s going to be completely life-changing for all of us, I feel so confident that my baby girl will be able to start school next year just the same as everybody else, with no special requirements. I actually believe that could happen now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

In the last month Macey’s mission has also been supported by a national charity who work to support the fundraising efforts of other causes.

The Darren Wright Foundation was set up by Scott Wright to raise money for his brother, Darren, who needed surgery after he was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy .

Having achieved its goal some 30 years ago, the Foundation now dedicates its time to supporting other good causes around the UK, offering fundraising advice and support.

Founder and Chairman of the Foundation, Scott Wright, said: “It’s my way of paying back and saying thank you to all those people that helped us.

“If any family contacts us and we can help 99.9 per cent of the time we will because it’s their only way of getting their child where they deserve to be.

“As soon as Robyn contacted me and told me what she was going through we knew we could help them so we wanted to straight away.”

With the Just Giving Page for Macey’s mission due to expire in a week the Foundation has set up a new fundraising page for all future online donations.

Go to JustGiving.com and search ‘Mission for Macey.

All donations made so far have been banked but can still be seen as an offline total on the new page, where Founder, Mr Wright, has even increased the campaign target to £45,000 to help fund the rehabilitative activities Macey will need post surgery.