New life given to Ash die back tree

Knaresborough’s Abbey Road has some new residents in place thanks to a talented artist.

Tuesday, 9th February 2021, 11:09 am
Jonathan Sherwood carving at Knaresborough. Picture: Stolen Moment Pictures

Wood carver Jonathan Sherwood recently carved out a fox family from a tree that had to be felled due to Ash Die Back.

Jonathan, who is 28 and has been carving for 12 years, said: “This one was particularly challenging due to the side slope.

“And also difficult because making oversize foxes always runs the risk of being too wolf like but I think it’s worked out this time.”

Jonathan Sherwood carving at Knaresborough. Picture: Stolen Moment Pictures

The vixen and three cubs were the second carvings at the site as Jonathan had created a large feathered friend the previous day.

Jonathan, of Harrogate, added: “I have been carving part time since I was 16. It is a bit of a family business as my dad uncle and brother all carve over in Cheshire.

“My dad showed me how to make an owl and then I have gone from there.

“I generally get commissions for native wildlife as they are fairly timeless but I take commissions of any size or subject and not necessarily just in wood.

“Most of my work is in private gardens where a tree has fallen or been felled and rather trying to scrub it from existence I give it a new lease of life.

“I also do free standing pieces so they don’t necessarily have to have an existing stump.”

Jonathan, who is also a part-time sculptor and studied materials engineering at university, said he likes to make such items for people to appreciate.

“I’m very fortunate that I have managed to turn my creative streak to good uses and make things that people appreciate and enjoy,” he added.

“I have always enjoyed working with my hands whether that be art or making something functional.”

Jonathan, who runs Sherwood Carving, sculpts from green logs which hold moisture and works with any species of trees.

“I enjoy woodwork in particular because it is a wonderful material to work with but I have ambitions to try out some other materials for my work too.”