New council scheme backs army of litter collectors

Litter picking kits are to be provided to help residents with their onging battle against rubbish.

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 12:01 pm

Wetherby Town Council announced a new scheme to boost its green mission and back the hundreds of residents who have been working to Keep Wetherby Tidy over recent months.

Councillor Connor Mulhall Chair of the Climate Emergency Working Group, said: “The Town Council hopes that these kits will support the already amazing group of people who are helping to keep Wetherby clean and litter free.

“We wanted to follow the example set by other town councils and make it really easy for people to get involved with litter picking.”

Ward Councillors have funded 21 new grabbers and these have been received and are now ready to be pressed in to action.

The council will provide a grabber, to use for up to 48 hours, bags and disposable gloves.

Coun Mulhall added: “All you have to do is drop in the Town Hall, get what you need and then take them back when you’re finished.

“You can do as much or as little as you want, maybe combine it with walking the dog, or even take the kids out and get them involved too.

“The Town Council is really grateful to everyone who’s been involved up to now and hopes that we can help inspire others to some litter picking too.”

Penny Stables of Boston Spa, Wetherby & Villages Green Group, which has been active in clearing litter from the area, praised the council’s actions.

“It is great to see that Wetherby Town Council is providing grabbers, bags and disposable gloves to help those wanting to get involved litter picking in Wetherby, but frankly its a disgrace that this has to be done.

“It seems to me that half the population are picking up litter that the other half are dropping. This is about taking personal responsibility.

“More needs to be done by the Government to educate the public as to the harm they are doing every time they carelessly drop a piece of litter, particularly if it is plastic.

“We now know that plastic takes millions of years to decompose and meanwhile starts to shed off micro plastics that get into the very air that we breathe and the waterways, getting into fish, birds and eventually into our own guts.”

She added: “This is not just about making our streets, pathways and green spaces look better, its actually far more importantly about preventing harm to birds, animals, fish and also to ourselves.

“As well as encouraging local people to get involved in keeping our beautiful area clear of litter, the town council should also be lobbying the Government and our local MP, to take action to prevent littering and enforce the current laws.”