Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator stands down

A champion of Neighbourhood Watch is standing down after almost 40 years.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 3:37 pm
Maureen Brewer.

Maureen Brewer BEM told the Wetherby News that she is stopping her duties as co-ordinator for the crime prevention movement.

The 83-year-old said: “I have been Wetherby’s Neighbourhood Watch Co ordinator for almost 40 years.

“It is now time for me to stand down.

“I have asked West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Mr John Robins QPM to seek out and CRB check a new NHW organiser for our area.”

She added: “It does not seem that long ago I was loading and unloading the car several times a week to attend community events and pass out Crime Prevention paperwork.

“I would like to thank people for their kind words and encouragement over the years. It has been appreciated.”

Mrs Brewer, who was a former chairman of the Wetherby District Crime Prevention Panel which folded in 2017, said Neighbourhood Watch started in West Yorkshire around 1985.

“Our Group - North Grove Approach - was the first to be registered on West Yorkshire Police System by our then PC Paul Rowden (a local resident) immediately after formation and first meeting.

“Our group started out using properties numbering 1-5 and 2-28.

“Our news soon spread and then involved new members living on Deighton Road and Sandbeck Lane.

“When NHW first began in 1985 our Wetherby Stationed PC’s used to use Sunday and Monday evening to ring around all the telephone numbers we had passed to them to inform us about the current crimes.

“This soon grew too large for the officers to handle so West Yorkshire Police Headquarters became involved and began arranging for the local PCs to record a message and Headquarters would transmit keeping residents informed.”

Mrs Brewer, who was awarded a BEM in 2015 for services to crime prevention, said the main difference today is emailing messages but some things do not change.

“Everyone still appears keen to hear what is happening and what crimes we should be made aware about.

“We have been asked to expand but I have encouraged others to set up more individual groups to keep it all manageable.”

To set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the Wetherby area, contact: