Mystery man puts £6,000 behind Harrogate bar for customers to enjoy

An anonymous man left thousands of pounds behind the bar at Revolucion de Cuba in Harrogate last weekend - because he liked seeing people having fun.

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 2:39 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th January 2020, 4:32 pm

Staff have confirmed that the mystery man ordered £1,000 worth of Jager bombs and asked for them to be distributed to customers, before leaving a further £5,000 behind the bar for them to choose their own drinks.

So those drinking in the bar last Saturday night were lucky enough to enjoy their drinks for free, thanks to the generous stranger, who is reported to have told staff "I just like to see people having fun".

People drinking in Harrogate's Revolucion de Cuba were given a treat on Saturday night.

Whilst no official announcement was made to revellers, the astonished customers were handed free drinks whenever they went to the bar on what was a busy Saturday.

Revolucion de Cuba, based on Parliament Street, is a rum bar which turns features a DJ on a Saturday night.

One astonished customer, who was out with friends in Revolucion de Cuba on Saturday night, revealed how she was handed extra tequila shots when she went to buy her friends a drink.

"I couldn't believe it," She said. " I went to the bar to buy a couple of tequila shots and was handed about eight instead and told they had already been paid for.

"It was amazing. I had such a great night."

Kelly Mitchell got in touch with the Advertiser and told us that she was in the bar with her boyfriend on Saturday night and enjoyed a free drink.

She said she went and thanked the man for her drink and he told her that he got happiness from seeing other people happy.

She added: "Me and my boyfriend got a drink and went to thank him for the drink. I said thank you for the drink, can I ask you why you're buying everybody a drink?

"His response was I get happiness out of seeing other people happy and he said that’s what he likes to see. I thanked him again and left him to enjoy his night."

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