Much-loved Harrogate indie restaurant to launch Kickstarter relocation campaign

The team at Norse (s)
The team at Norse (s)

One of Harrogate’s favourite independent restaurants will launch their crowdfunding campaign to help achieve their relocation plans with a launch party on Sunday.

Norse, the acclaimed Scandinavian restaurant on Oxford Street, will move into the former Wild/Mirabelle site near Valley Gardens on Swan Road.

The restaurant has managed to secure some private local investment but, in order to complete the move, the innovative restaurant will launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise the remainder of the money required.

The Kickstarter drive will launch with a campaign video at a sold-out party on Sunday, February 5, at Major Tom’s Social starting at 6.30pm with the official campaign launch at 7pm.

After opening almost three years ago, the restaurant has acted as an after-hours pop-up in the Scandi-inspired cafe Baltzersen’s and has gone on to receive a host of critical acclaim.

Paul Rawlinson, founder and owner of both Baltzersen’s and Norse, said: ""We wanted to gather people together and get the campaign off to a great start.

"We chose Major Tom’s Social and thought it’d be something pretty laid back but it’s sold out; we’re really touched by the support we’ve received already.

“Kickstarter isn’t that well-known in some circles but it’s a legitimate option for funding.

"Lots of businesses are securing finance for start up or business development in more novel ways now and if it means that your guests or customers feel a deeper connection with the business at the same time then all the better.”

Mr Rawlinson said that he is hoping a new location will mean more creative freedom and space for experimentation with the food, but stressed the menu would retain its local, seasonal focus.

"This is a really exciting time for the whole Norse team," Mr Rawlinson said.

"Although Norse has seen plenty of success sited in Baltzersen’s, we know that having our own space will allow us to make countless improvements at the same time as spending more time making the food even better.

“Right know we’re keen to raise the money necessary, and start making our new site a reality!

“I hope that the people of Harrogate really get behind this project, whether they know what we do or are open to coming and giving us a try.

"We think our town deserves great indie dining and we want to create an improved version of Norse that adds breadth to those options."