Knaresborough 'superstar' sets sights on becoming filmstar

Coral Mason on set for Old Jack's Boat with co-stars Harvey and Archie.
Coral Mason on set for Old Jack's Boat with co-stars Harvey and Archie.

A child actress from Knaresborough is letting nothing get in the way of her dreams as she misses her first week of senior school for filming.

While most new starters at King James’s School had their first day of year 7 this week, 11-year-old, Coral Mason, was in Whitby filming a third series of Old Jack’s Boat.

The children’s programme, aired on CBeebies, is set in the 1930’s stars Coral as sailor Sue - a character from Old Jack’s childhood, played by Bernard Cribbins.

Coral’s biggest fan though, is her mum, who supports her dream as much as she can.

Mum Kim said: “From a young age Coral has enjoyed entertaining us all, she loves singing dancing and drama, and we think she’s amazing - we’re not biased at all!

“I feel fine about Coral missing the start of school. It was Coral chose if she wanted to go film or first week in school and she chose filming.

“This is the path she wants to go down so I back her 100 per cent. The school been very good as well in supporting Coral.

“It’s great for her to have these fantastic opportunities, to work with such fabulous people and be on the television. We are so proud of her and it’s wonderful for us to see her realising her dream.”

But filming a third series of Old Jack’s Boat isn’t the only big deal Coral has landed recently - the ambitious youngster has featured in TV advertisements for major companies including

Aldi and Sainsbury’s and could potentially have a film appearance in the pipeline.

Kim said: “I’m so thrilled her career is progressing and she getting recognised. “Watch this space, there’s many more wonderful roles to come for Coral Mason - Knaresborough’s superstar!”