How you can be part of the new Harrogate campaign that's taking social media by storm

An exciting and refreshing social media campaign has launched in the build-up to Christmas to celebrate the extraordinary people who make Harrogate such a special place to live and work.

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 6:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 6:12 pm
Proud to be launching the #ThanksHarrogate campaign: Berwins staff members Dan Snedden, Natasha Guest, Martin Whincup, Kathy Varley & Sam Crich. Picture: Gerard Binks.

After a year that has seen many topics divide public opinion in Harrogate - such as the impact of the UCI Road World Championships, and the condition of the Stray, Berwins solicitors are flooding social media with uplifting messages to send waves of positivity across the town.

Backed by Harrogate International Festivals and the Harrogate District Chamber of Commerce, the #ThanksHarrogate campaign’s daily posts give a shout out to all of those individuals, groups and businesses who make a real difference in our community - this could be through volunteering, a random act of kindness, or simply making somebody’s day with a warm smile and a hello.

In its first week, the campaign is already rapidly gaining momentum and support, and Berwins would love to hear from any readers who would be interested in nominating somebody to be featured.

Berwins marketing manager Martin Whincup, said: “This campaign is needed because we have a lot to celebrate in Harrogate, but sometimes that can be lost. With everything that’s going on, we can lose sight of the people are doing amazing things every day.

“There has been some negativity in the town this year around things like the UCI, which split opinion, but this is about saying, look, we have so many things worth celebrating, and so many people who make a massive difference. It comes back to the Jo Cox idea that we have more in common than what divides us.

“Thanks is a small word, but a powerful one. Recognition doesn’t need to be an award - just taking the time to recognise someone for what they do can give them a real boost.”

The chief executive of Harrogate International Festivals, Sharon Canavar, has welcomed the campaign as a great way of presenting all of the unique strands that make our town thrive and stand out.

She said: “There’s something very special about this town - it’s the people. The passion for volunteering, for organisations to thrive, the care for the town and the assets, alongside the ever present pride when you find a bottle of Harrogate Spring Water on a plane or train somewhere miles away from home.

“In recent months, everyone has had an opinion. Grass, weather, events, high street challenges, but what unites all these people, whichever side of the fence they might be shouting from, is the pride and care that this great community clearly has for this historic spa town that occasionally likes to kick off her heels and present a new, edgier image to the outside world.

“The #ThanksHarrogate campaign reminds people of what makes us special. The unique spaces, places and personal favourites that make us lucky to live here – the hardest part will be honing down those that make everyone’s top ten.”

The managing director of Berwins, Sarah Smith, said: “I think for a small North Yorkshire town, Harrogate punches above its weight. There is a real strength of community in Harrogate, and a great sense of looking out for people.”

To get involved in the #ThanksHarrogate campaign, visit the Berwins Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels.