Himalayan Balsam bashing

Wetherby Civic Society is inviting people to help restore Wetherby’s ecology and take part in Himalayan Balsam bashing.

By Janet Harrison
Friday, 24th June 2022, 11:37 am

The plant is widely regarded as an invasive non native annual which overwhelms the growth of native wild plants and spreads by seed over a wide area.

“It is particularly common near streams and rivers as the seeds can be carried in water,” said Peter Catton of the Civic Society.

“If widely spread over river banks, it overwhelms native perennials so that in winter the banks can be bare and so liable to flood damage.

“However, the plant is easily pulled up, which stops its seeds spreading.”

Last year, Wetherby Civic Society undertook significant Balsam Bashing on Scaur Bank and the Ings, but seeds from previous years means that Balsam has regrown.

“This means that annual pulling is necessary to eradicate this pest,” added Peter.

“Please join us at the arch at the bottom of Scaur Bank on Tuesday July 5 at 10am for some Bashing.

“Some of the Balsam is intermingled with stinging nettles so please bring gloves and have your arms and legs covered.”

No tools are needed as the Balsam will all be hand pulled.