Here's how to take part in our Big Conversation on lockdown life in Harrogate

Life has changed beyond all recognition since the end of March.

Thursday, 17th September 2020, 12:30 pm

Many of us are still working from home and we are all wearing face masks to do our shopping and travel on public transport.

We’ve also learned a whole new vocabulary of words and phrases, from the R number to social distancing to furlough.

Join in with our Big Conversation on lockdown life.

Those months when we could only leave the home for essential tasks were tough - but they also meant that we got to know our neighbours and began to appreciate the freedoms we had lost.

And who would have thought that millions of us would stand outside our homes on Thursday evenings to applaud the key workers who were keeping us going?

Now we are asking you to help us take the temperature of the nation through a snapshot survey called the Big Conversation.

JPI Media titles throughout the country are asking questions of readers to find out what has changed - and what the new society which emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic should look like to benefit us all.

Questions range from what is important to you in the light of lockdown to gauging public confidence as we emerge.

The survey will look at the impact of the pandemic on the economy and your spending habits as well as shining a light on healthcare provision in our communities. It will also ask what we have learned from the past six months and if you have maintained that community spirit since.

We hope it will lead to changes in the way we live and work.

We're now inviting you to take part in the survey at

And if you would like to send us your thoughts on lockdown life and beyond, send an email, marked The Big Conversation to [email protected]

Let’s hope the lessons we learned and the community spirit we enjoyed earlier this year can now be a part of all our lives in the future.