Harrogate man crosses Ukraine border with special delivery

Pic by John Rowe
Pic by John Rowe

A 77-year-old Harrogate man is crossing the border into the Ukraine this month, delivering an ambulance three quarters full with medical supplies to those who really need it.

John Shackleton will make this, his 42nd trip into Eastern Europe, as part of his annual effort to help those in need.

He buys an ambulance every year and finds two co-drivers and then drives it to its destination.

He said: “Within a week I will be in Eastern Europe in the war zone and the ambulance will be used very well there.

“I do it because I consider myself so lucky. I have my health and I can do it and, at 77, I am still fit enough to do what I do.

“These countries I go into are exceedingly poor and it is just nice to be able to give a little bit back to our fellow human beings.”

Mr Shackleton will meet the recipients at the border, and they will try to get him across, which he said can be difficult.

After delivering the ambulance, he will return to the UK within the week by hitchhiking to Poland and catching a flight to Leeds Bradford Airport.