Harrogate independent restaurant named among best in UK

Saranda Bar and Grill has been named in a list of the top 15 best independent restaurants in the United Kingdom, according to CoffeeFriend.co.uk

By Lucy Chappell
Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 2:24 pm
Updated Friday, 10th September 2021, 11:46 am
Saranda general manager Nertil Xhallo and assistant manager Daniela Genova
Saranda general manager Nertil Xhallo and assistant manager Daniela Genova

Located on Station Bridge in Harrogate, Saranda offers a huge selection of authentic Mediterranean, Greek and Albanian cuisine and has been selected from thousands of restaurants across the country for its food and unique atmosphere, boasting an 89% excellent rating.

Nertil Xhallo, General Manager at Saranda said: "We want to thank everyone who supported us with all the amazing Trip Advisor comments.

"We pride ourselves with our food and service and we give our heart and passion to what we do.

"We work harder than everyone else and the results are showing and this is just the start."

The team at Coffee Friend have helped pick out some of the highest-rated restaurants across the nation based on their Trip Advisor reviews, steering clear of the big franchises and popular household names.

Aurimas Vainauskas, CEO of Coffee Friend said: "We know the UK is a nation of foodies and that there is no better feeling than finding a local eatery to have a really quality whole-hearted meal - particularly away from the crowds and big franchises that now dominate the high streets.

"With the world now on the brink of normality again following a tough time for restaurants and the hospitality industry as a whole, we hope people will return to their old lives and begin to embrace the great food and drink on our local high streets once again."