Globe-trotting Harrogate grandma climbs charts with international adventure novel

Su Adamss fourth five-star novel,The Poisoned Legacy, has just entered the top 10in Amazons war fiction charts.
Su Adamss fourth five-star novel,The Poisoned Legacy, has just entered the top 10in Amazons war fiction charts.

A globe-trotting Harrogate grandma has reached the top 10 again with her latest international adventure novel.

Su Adams’ fourth five-star novel, The Poisoned Legacy, has just entered the top 10 in Amazon’s war fiction charts.

The 87-year-old’s gripping thriller is based on her first husband’s incarceration and transportation from his native Poland to Siberia during the Second World War.

Su said: “The Poisoned Legacy is based on the true story of my first husband’s horrendous captivity and train journey with his mother from their ancestral Polish home in 1939 to Siberia in 1942.

“It also follows his subsequent wartime flying experience in the Free Polish Airforce as well as his move to South Africa.

“The later added story in The Poisoned Legacy of the search for his parents’ hidden fortune is a fictional account on my understanding of the earlier facts.”

Su spent most of the 1970s in Jamaica where she taught at a prep school in Kingston.

The mum-of-three also held a headteacher post in England before moving to Australia, where she lived with her family for 12 years.

Su also lectured at one of the main universities in Perth where she taught English as a foreign language. Following her retirement and move back to her native England, she started a writing course with the Open University.

Su’s first novel, Footsteps in the Sea, was published just a couple of years later to critical acclaim in 2010.

The grandmother-of-five added: “My favourite author is Emily Bronte and I lived not far from Haworth where she wrote her outstanding novel, Wuthering Heights.

“I think she inspired me to write when I was only a teenager, although I only began writing seriously in the 1980s. I later found a half-written copy of an old book I’d started back then and decided to finish it in 2010.

“As I’m retired, I have plenty of time to write these days.”

Since embarking on writing novels, Su has also published Nobody’s Killer and The Dragon in Paradise - with both earning five-star reader reviews.