Fire crews rescue royal bird stuck up Knaresborough tree

Pictured: Igraine and Mourdour. Credit: NYFRS
Pictured: Igraine and Mourdour. Credit: NYFRS

A royal Raven which flew up a tree was rescued by firefighters in Knaresborough after it was spooked and unable to fly.

The 10 year old African white chested Raven, known as Mourdour, is one of the Queen's ravens which resides at Knaresborough Castle.

But after Mourdour was spooked by a dog at the Castle Grounds on Sunday (April 23) fire crews from Harrogate were called to rescue her.

The feathery friend had flown to a tree at Mother Shipton's Cave where her jesses had become caught around her legs and she was unable to fly free.

Crews used the aerial ladder platform to retrieve Mourdour before she was safely given back to her keeper Igraine, who is Her Majestys Raven Keeper for the Duchy of Lancaster.

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