Drug needles found in Harrogate beauty spot

A Harrogate charity is worried by drug abuse in a popular family beauty spot.

Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 12:30 pm
Alarming discovery - Used drugs and drink paraphernalia at a bench in the Pinewoods on Harlow Hill in Harrogate.

Volunteers from Pinewoods Conservation Group this week spotted used drugs and drink paraphernalia, including what appear to be used needles, scattered on the ground near a public bench.

Civic group hits back on Harrogate's 'decline' controversyThe evidence is located just below the car park by the green houses on Nursery Lane on Harlow Hill.

The charity, which is dedicated to promoting the maintenance and conservation of the environment within the Pinewoods, in particular woodland conservation and the management of natural habitat, has now reported the matter to Harrogate police.

Drugs needles at a bench near the green houses on Nursery Lane in Harrogate.

Volunteers came across the used needles and discarded 'wraps' during the regular litter picks they conduct to keep the beautiful Pinewoods tidy.

They believe it shows that drugs and drinking are going on regularly in the Pinewoods.