Cycling's version of the Barmy Army are heading to Yorkshire

Beefeater Bend in full cry at the Tour de France. Picture: Beefeater Bend.
Beefeater Bend in full cry at the Tour de France. Picture: Beefeater Bend.

Cycling's most famous fans will be going back to their roots in Yorkshire this weekend.

Beefeater Bend became a world-wide sensation during this year’s Tour de France when a video of them partying on the Galibier mountain stage went viral on the internet.

Beefeater Bend on the Galibier mountain. Picture: Beefeater Bend.

Beefeater Bend on the Galibier mountain. Picture: Beefeater Bend.

And they will be at the UCI Road World Championships' elite races on Saturday and Su nday - including an appearance on stage at the Harrogate fanzone.

The group, dressed in Beefeater costumes - and supported by Bananaman and a T-Rex dinosaur, among others - were filmed leading the crowd on the Galibier in dancing to Euro pop band Links Rechts.

The Beefeaters were already planning to be roadside at the worlds, but after their video was viewed more than a million times on the internet they have been invited to strut their stuff for fans during Saturday's elite women’s race.

It will be a homecoming of sorts, after the Tour de France’s Grand Depart five years ago,

Member Jay Guarnieri explained: “Most of us are from Essex, but there’s Andy Curson who lives in Stokesley.

“He works with one of the guys from down here, Rob and they were the ones who started it all off.

“Rob and Andy went off to the Tour de France back in 2009 and then went back each year - they weren’t cyclists, they just really liked it.

“We arranged a cycling weekend up on the moors in Yorkshire in 2013, Andy arranged it for us and that’s when he came up with the idea.

“They used to go down to the Alps dressed as Beefeaters just to show they were British fans and he said why don’t we all do it when the Grand Depart is in Yorkshire?

“He brought his little stereo from his bedroom down to the place in Muker and it all kicked off there.”

After their internet success, the group are likely to be as big an attraction as the cyclists.

“We are in Harrogate on Saturday, on the stage - I don’t really understand how that’s happened,” Guarnieri added.

“We’re getting driven back over to Grinton in the evening and we’ll be there on Sunday.

“It all really started as a way of passing the time at the Tour de France.

“Everybody gets on to the mountain really early to get a good spot and we were wondering how we’d pass the next five hours.

“So we decided to do that, have a few beers and get a sound system set up. It was really just for us, we didn’t expect it to take off.

“Gradually people would come up the mountain and stop and they’d think this is as good a place as any to be and you end up with 300 people around you.

“I don’t know what it is with him, but Andy draws people in and gets them involved. It’s a gift.”