Cave challenge to keep lights on

The owner of Stump Cross Caverns is taking on a mammoth challenge to keep the lights on in the popular show caves.

Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 6:30 pm
Lisa Bowerman is livestreaming her 105 hours living, eating and sleeping down in the cavern, returning to the surface at 8pm on Friday October 15.

Lisa Bowerman has turned Yorkshire Cavewoman and is going to live underground for 105 hours to raise £200,000 for the attraction which has suffered through the Covid 19 lockdowns.

Lisa, who has run the family business for the last 18 years, said: “We love welcoming visitors to the caverns and will do all we can to ensure this wonderful place is kept open for future generations to enjoy and to keep local people employed.”

Unable to secure grant support, the ex-nurse Lisa turned to crowdfunding to raffle her holiday apartment to raise £200,000 for much needed maintenance work.

Lisa added: “The support we have received from those who have heard our story has been incredible and we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. “But our fight for survival is not over, as we desperately need to raise enough funds to renew and restore the lighting in the caverns - which are damp and very inaccessible in places, so require specialist, expensive lighting.

“This is quite a challenge but I’m prepared to spend 105 hours underground to raise awareness of our cause.”

Lisa will be livestreaming her 105 hours living, eating and sleeping down in the cavern, which was once home to the prehistoric Wolverine, with her partner Nick.

They took supplies and camp equipment 100 feet below ground on Tuesday October 12 and will return to the surface at 8pm on Friday October 15.

Stump Cross Caverns is a natural limestone cave system created 350 million years ago.

Discovered in 1860 by local lead miners, the caverns were opened to public viewing and later findings included the remains of Ice Age animals including the Wolverine, a small wolf-like mammal.

Buy a ticket to win the apartment at:

Lisa added: “Live in it, rent it, sell it, the choice is yours, but know you have helped with the survival of one of Yorkshire’s precious natural heritage sites. To support us please go and buy a ticket.“