Bomb squad and police dispatched and area evacuated after Leeds man accidentally takes selfie with live WW2 missile

A landscaper from Leeds has described the moment a street was evacuated by a bomb squad - after he discovered and accidentally posed with a LIVE WW2 MISSILE.

By Daniel Sheridan
Friday, 28th February 2020, 11:43 am

Steve Cochrane, 36, dug up a World War Two tank missile in Weeton, North Yorkshire yesterday while landscaping in a garden with colleagues Christopher Anderson, Ishmael mills, Alex Merrit and Ian Pattison.

After speaking to some of his friends and showing them pictures of the missile, Steve mistakenly believed it was a dud.

He then proceeded to pose for a selfie with the missile.

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Stephen Cochrane, 36

However in an unbelievable turn of events, Steve - from Otley - called the police who immediately dispatched the bomb squad to the garden.

The missile was discovered to be live and the entire street was evacuated.

Steve explained: "We dug up the missile while working on Thursday.

"After speaking to a couple of mates and showing them pictures, they told me it was a dud.

The workers couldn't believe the discovery in Weeton

"Stupidly we were all passing it around and looking at it.

"However after sitting down for our break at lunch, it clicked we should probably call the police to be on the safe side.

"They asked us to email them a photo of the missile and when we did they sent it to the army's bomb squad."

North Yorkshire Police informed the public of the incident on Thursday.In a tweet, the force said: "We're at the scene of a suspected WW2 tank shell that has been found in a garden on Weeton Lane, Weeton, this afternoon.

Stephen Cochrane with the missile

"A police cordon is in place for everyone's safety, and our Army EOD colleagues are on their way to inspect it."

The army and police turned up to the address on Weeton Lane before evacuating the area.

In a later tweet, police said: "And just like that, it's all sorted.

"EOD have removed the shell, the cordon has been lifted, and life in Weeton can get back to normal on this lovely sunny afternoon.

"Thanks for your patience everyone."

Steve was left in shock at the discovery of the bomb being a live missile.

He told the Yorkshire Evening Post how it had not hit home how much "danger" the workers were in.

Steve added: "They were quick to tell the police it was live and to send units to the location to close the site and evacuate the whole street as it was live.

"It didn’t really hit home how much danger we were in until the police come to site and cordoned the street off.

"I had all intentions of taking it home and putting it on the mantelpiece if I’m being honest.

"I wanted to show it to my seven-year-old son Stevie when I got home.

"I’m glad I had the time to sit down at break and think it over properly."