13 street names that prove Harrogate at Halloween is truly spooky

Halloween in Harrogate
Halloween in Harrogate

With spooky stories, trick or treating and everything in between, it's hard to miss that Halloween is fast approaching.

Despite being recently named as the happiest place to live recently, Harrogate is no stranger to the strange, scary and supernatural.

Every day this week we've been counting down the most terrifying ghost stories from around the district, including appirations at Ashville and a haunted Hampsthwaite.

But there really is fear and horror around every corner in the district, if you use a bit of creativity, and we've counted down the scariest, spookiest street names in the district.

1. Franklinstein Road

Just down the road from Commercial Street is where we kick off our spooky streets. What would Halloween be without Dr Frankenstein and we have our very own street named after him and his monster...almost.

2. (Dungeons and) Dragon Parade

Even without adding anything, Dragon Parade is pretty sinister in itself. However, if there's a game to be played at Halloween, Dungeons and Dragons is as good and as spooky as any we imagine.

3. Tower (of London) Street

What's more frightening than the Tower of London? One of the most famous prisons of the past with a particularly dark history and, just off West Park, lies our very own street named its honour.

4. (Pump)King's Road

The symbol of everything Halloween. If you haven't carved a pumpkin for October 31 then frankly you haven't lived. And with a little creativity we've carved one of our main roads in Harrogate into a slightly scarier version.

5. (Fire and) Ashville Road

Fire, ash and anything particularly hot always works well around Halloween. That's why Ashville Road gets particularly frightening at this time of year.

6. Cold (Blood) Bath Road

One of the more gruesome names in the district. This works well either way, cold blood is particularly at this time of year with a blood bath being pretty standard in Halloween films.

7. Burn(ing) Bridge Road

What did we say about the hot thing at Halloween. Burn Bridge is particularly scary throughout the year just in terms of traffic, but it's scary for a whole different reason at this time of year.

8. Scar(e)gill Road

One of the more self explanatory names on the list. Scar would have also been fine by itself, being a strong choice of make up for fancy dress parties but scare just rounds off the spooky experience.

9. High Skell(eton)gate

Ripon featuring in our list of spooky street names. Skeletons are an excellent choice of outfit for a fancy dress party and we have our very own homage to the costume just off Westgate.

10. Skull Lane

School Lane in Spofforth is not normally scary, unless you're a pupil going back to it after the half-term holidays. But Skull Lane is a different matter entirely.

11. Killing-Hall

In a land which is being haunted by planning developments, Killinghall is one of the scariest names for a town in the land. Not for the feint hearted.

12. (A Nightmare on) Elm Road

Ok so it isn't Elm Street but unfortunately we don't have one. Still, this is a classic Halloween film and fits perfectly into the list. Kind of.

13. Harlow(een) Terrace

A fitting way to round off the list. Slightly because it's spookiness through and through, but more so that a suspension of disbelief is needed for the list.

Comment below to leave your own spooky streets and have a happy Halloween!