Pateley Bridge woman’s dramatic air ambulance rescue

Lynn Cook back on the bike
Lynn Cook back on the bike

A Pateley Bridge woman’s dramatic air ambulance rescue will appear on BBC One next week.

Lynn Cook was airlifted to hospital on July 4th 2012 after a cycling accident left her with a broken skull.

Mrs Cook suffered a brain trauma after crashing on a bike ride near Malton.

She suffered memory loss so has no recollection of the incident at all.

“It was 10 days before I even recognised family and friends which was worrying for them.

“But I remember nothing about the crash.”

Mrs Cook said she was lucky as her friend Pippa Manson who was with her was first aid trained.

“She realised that my helmet strap was stopping me from breathing, so she loosened it and started me breathing again which saved my life.”

Another friend who was cycling that day, Heatha Kitchin, broke both of her arms in the crash and was taken by land ambulance to York Hospital.

Mrs Cook said: “A passing car called an ambulance and the paramedics then called for the air ambulance for me.

“It happened on a Wednesday which is lucky because Wednesday is the day a doctor travels on the helicopter.

“He was able to give me more drugs than the paramedics along could have.”

A BBC crew was on board the helicopter filming all the drama for daytime TV show Helicopter Heros.

She was taken to James Cook Hospital in Middlesborough and had to undergo surgery.

“I have holes in my head now, but I’ve got a very good hairdresser so you can’t tell.”

“I’m still getting better now 10 months one, I still don’t think I’m 100 per cent but I’m making progress.

“It took a few months before treatment was stopped and I still get headaches a lot.”

However the accident has failed to keep the keen cyclist off her bike.

“I have just got back from a cycling holiday to the Outer Hebrides and the West Coast of Scotland.

“We covered 400 miles in two weeks.”

Mrs Cook admits it will be very strange watching the incident when the episode is aired on Thursday May 30 at 9:15 am.

“It will be hard for the people who were there and helped me, I hope the show acknowledges Pippa and she gets the credit she deserves.”