Pateley animal rescue centre in desperate plea for donations

An animal rescue centre in Pateley has made a desperate plea for donations towards its vet bills after a lack of support could put the centre's future in jeopardy.

Thursday, 21st July 2016, 12:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st July 2016, 1:39 pm
L-R: Trustees, Carol Pennock, Joanne Brydon and Daz Brydon with Daisy the Lurcher mum

Joanne and Daz Brydon set up the Moorview Kennels eight years ago and started the rescue centre only a year later.

The idea had been to use the kennels business for their livelihood while Moorview Rescue would be a non-profit charitable organisation.

But as the charity, which became registered in 2014, has failed to become self sufficient, Daz and Joanne have found themselves putting all their own money into the rescue centre to keep it going.

Daisy's Lurcher pups snuggle up together just 10 days old, they still haven't opened their eyes yet

Joanne said: “The only thing that gives you a difference being charity registered is that you can fundraise and because you’re a registered charity people are more likely to give to you but you don’t get anything financially from it.”

The centre makes a number of fundraising efforts to try and raise cash but while Moorview Rescue’s Facebook page has more than 8,000 followers, the centre struggles to get enough donations to support it’s work.

Joanne explained, ‘if everybody who followed us just gave a pound a month we’d be sorted’.

Just this month, Moorview took in an abandoned and heavily pregnant Lurcher, called Daisy, which has given birth to ten puppies in need of all the relevant treatment.

Daisy's Lurcher pups snuggle up together just 10 days old, they still haven't opened their eyes yet

Now the centre faces a vet bill in excess of £3,000 for Daisy and her puppies alone.

Daz said: “When we found Daisy she was a bag of nerves, she wouldn’t go near anybody.

“She was found in an allotment, heavily pregnant, she was due the day we picked her up but she knew she wasn’t safe to have her puppies so she was holding on.”

Only a few months before, the couple also rescued 10 cats, four of which were females and were all pregnant, leaving the centre with four litters of kittens to support.

But despite the critical situation that looms over the financial future of the centre, Daz and Joanne say it’s simply not an option to turn an animal in need away.

Daz said: “It’s heartbreaking because if no other rescue comes in for it we know it will get put to sleep. We keep saying no but we always buckle and say bring them in.”

To make a donation to Daisy's vet bill visit the centre's Just Giving page or for more information about the centre’s vital work and setting up a direct debit donation, visit the Moorview Rescue Facebook page or call the team on 01423 711993