Pannal News

Rachel Hewson

Church Services: Sunday, February 3 St Robert’s Pannal 8am Holy Communion, 9.30am Parish Communion, 6pm Adult Confirmation .

Race Night: St Robert’s Church fundraising committee is holding a race night on March 2. The event will take place in the Chapter House of the church and will be open from 7 for a 7.30pm start. The ticket price is £8 for an adult including a chilli supper and £4 for a child, with hot dogs on offer for the children. There will be a pay bar for your drinks but please note betting money is not included in the price of the ticket! For further information you can contact me via my email address above and I can pass the information on to the fundraising committee.

Pannal Praise: St Robert’s Church choir now have their debut CD for sale! Pannal Praise was recorded during 2012 and has an extensive selection of hymns and anthems, 22 tracks in total. This is available from the church and costs £10 per copy. All profits will go to church funds. The choir at St Robert’s is absolutely outstanding so I highly recommend it.

Pannal School: great sporting news from Pannal Primary. They represented Harrogate in the York City Schools Cup (football) on Saturday, January 12. They had a fantastic tournament winning all their league games and the final to earn them the trophy and a place in the next round which is the regional tournament in March. Good luck Pannal!

Big Village Hall Music and Dance Night coming soon!: don’t miss this one-off live music night on Saturday, February 9 from 7.30pm at Pannal Village Hall. It will be a great night out for all age groups with a live band (The TOGS) specialising in playing favourites from the 60s 70’s and 80s. There will be a fully licensed bar with a range of beers and wines at very attractive prices. Admission only £8. Tickets are on sale now at the post office. All proceeds to village hall funds.

Pannal rant no.1: you may be wondering what I’m going to write under this description! Perhaps I should rename the column the Pannal rant as that’s what I’m feeling as I type! Whilst I write we still have a healthy covering of snow and ice on the roads and pavements. It seems that this is a mighty fine excuse for people to not bother picking up after their dogs as the snow might hide it. Funnily enough when the snow melts, the poo is still there! The walk to school is treacherous, not because of the snow but trying to dodge the various piles all over the pavement. Today was the icing on the cake (perhaps I should use another analogy but don’t want to turn anyone’s stomachs if you are reading this with a nice fried egg sandwich or something) when I found a giant pile right in the middle of my driveway. Delightful! I appreciate that the vast majority of dog owners happily pick up after their dogs so it is a real shame that there are a few who think it is acceptable (and perhaps even funny) to leave this for someone else to clear up. What do you think? Have you ever seen anyone happily walking away from it?

Pannal rant no 2: like I said I may rename the column or you can just call me Mrs Grumpy – the speed limit in Pannal is 20mph. However it’s like a drag strip sometimes especially round school time with cars haring round the corner near the church. I have a tendency to wave my arms at people in what I feel is a calming kind of fashion, ie “chill out and slow down”, although clearly they just think I’m some crazy woman as oddly most of them seem to make obscene gestures in response(!). Perhaps I can start a campaign to get you all doing my calming arm motion when you see a car going too fast, it will be cheaper than having one of those giant “slow down” signs installed.

Next week: I promise to write something super positive! See you then!

News and events: please do get in touch if you have an event or something that you would like me to mention in the column. I sometimes don’t get to hear about things until after the event so even if you think I must know about something, please get in touch and tell me anyway, just in case! This will ensure you get a mention.